Large companies need to stay connected to all parts of their business to succeed.
Vodacom Business provides products and business solutions that enable to do just that.

Large Enterprises

Dedicated Internet

Choose Vodacom as your dedicated internet partner and get speeds of up to 1 GB per second and a cost-effective data plan to suit your internet needs.

  • Benefits
  • 24/7 internet connection
  • Best-available technology
  • Speeds of up to 1 GB per second
  • Data plans to suit your budget and needs
  • Vodacom’s dedicated Internet Access is based on connection to a fibre, Microwave or LTE TDD
  • Services are billed monthly


Are your operations stretched across the country and abroad?
Do you want to securely and reliably inter-connect your offices?
Do you run shared CRM, Shared/Centralized Telephony system, Video Conferencing, Sales force report, Banking applications, etc.?
Our dedicated Fixed Data VPN Mpls services is a perfect answer to your problems. With our countrywide and global network. Simply show us you’re Office and we will have it connected.

Benefits: Highly scalable and cost-effective, secure and dedicated for safe mission-critical data traffic, Real- time monitoring with 24/7, world class dedicated support


Get real-time information from remote machines - anywhere, anytime. Monitor remote equipment such as vending machines, POS or car-tracking devices. Useful in various industries; financial services, automotive, fleet and asset management, consumer electronics, healthcare, smart metering and smart homes

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