Hakuna Wasichoweza

Empowering Young Girls in & out of school in Mtwara: Hakuna Wasichoweza


Encouraging Education

In 2012 the Foundation embarked on a journey to empower girls in Mtwara and Lindi through promotion and education on menstrual hygiene. Menstrual hygiene is a reproductive health issue that affects girls in schools in the regions. Girls reaching puberty face limitation during menstruation attributed taboos about menses, lack of affordable sanitary pads, and school facilities that enable girls to manage their menses. On taboos, girls are taught menstruation is a shameful experience, making it difficult for them to comprehend that it is a natural part of womanhood and a biological condition. Lack of this knowledge has caused girls absenteeism in school during menses, resulting in high levels of truancy and poor performance. It is with these reasons the Foundation and its partners provides low cost sanitary pads along with menstrual management and sexual reproductive health education through outreach sessions and text messages menstrual hygiene information to prevent girls from health risks and poverty later on in life.

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