Internet FAQs

1.What is 4G?

is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G with speed of up to ten times faster than the current 3G. With 4G technology, customers will experience super-fast access to the internet, easily watch TV, stream videos without buffering time, video conferencing, games, chats and so on.

4G users will have access to seamless communication services as they move through various parts of the country.

2.What are the major benefits of using 4G?

  • 4G has fast and better internet experience ten times compared to 3G.
  • There are special 4G bundles that offers doubles the benefits of normal internet bundles
  • With 4G the whole internet experience when using the phone is much better.

3.Who are eligible to get 4G services?

All customers around area with 4G Network ie (Dar es Salaam, Tanga & Morogoro) are eligible to get the service for now but they must have 4G compatible devices with 4G SIM cards ie (device, sim card & location)

4.How can customer know is in 4G zone

The network signal will change to 4G. See red highlighted below

5.I have 4G SIM but I still get 3G/2G signal

  • Check if the device has 4G capability.
  • Check if 4G/LTE feature is enabled on the device (Settings then Network).
  • Confirm if the reported SIM card on the device is a 4G SIM card.
  • Check if the customer is within an area with 4G coverage to experience 4G speeds.

6.How can customer check if their devices supports 4G?

  • Customer need to go to Settings, then Network depending on device
  • Settings – Network – Cellular – Voice & Data (IPhone) Settings – Mobile network – Network mode (Samsung) Settings – Mobile data – Network mode (Lenovo)
  • Use web to check the capability as per below
  • i. Dial *#06# from your device to obtain your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. ii.Go to iii.Enter your IMEI number from your device & select "Check". If you see the RED highlighted information as per below means your device supports 4G.

7.For dual handsets/ phones which slot is better for 4G sim card?

Sim 1 slot works better.

8.What do I do if I have a 4G/LTE device but with a 3G SIM card?

If you have a 4G/LTE device you can upgrade your SIM to 4G and enjoy our 4G network speed. If you do not have a 4G/LTE device you can acquire an affordable 4G/LTE enabled device from a Vodacom shop nearest to you. You will be provided a 4G SIM at standard price to start enjoying super speed with Vodacom 4G network.

9.I need to use the 4G /LTE network in Dar es Salaam, what do I do?

Yes the friend will also enjoy free extra benefits that come with Pindua units

10.Are there any offers associated with 4G/LTE network?

An offer of 4GB FREE (valid for 7 days) will be credited to customers who newly bought or upgrade to 4G SIM cards. This offer is only valid for 4G SIM if the SIM is attached to a 4G Device. One offer per SIM and one offer per Device. This offer is one-time redeemable.

Customers who subscribe to 4G Internet bundles which offers two times benefits of normal internet bundles. Dials *149*01# and choose 4G bundles.

11.Will upgrading change my network settings?

Not at all.

Changing/upgrading to 4G SIM card will not change the device setting but will enhance the service speed and improve the usage experience

12.What are the 4G sizes and their respective tariffs?

Not at all.

Changing/upgrading to 4G SIM card will not change the device setting but will enhance the service speed and improve the usage experience

4G Only Internet Bundles

Validity Price Internet Bundle Night only
24 Hours Tsh 500 70MB 70MB
Tsh 1000 200MB 200MB
Tsh 2000 1GB 1GB
7 Days Tsh 3000 500 MB 500 MB
Tsh 5000 1GB 1GB
Tsh 8000 2GB 2GB
Tsh 15000 10GB 10GB
30 Days Tsh 5000 500MB 500MB
Tsh 15000 2GB 2GB
Tsh 35000 10GB 10GB
Tsh 50000 20GB 20GB
Tsh 95000 30GB 30GB

Prepaid Pay as you go rate is Tsh 282 per MB

Prepaid Pulse Rate for pay-as-you go is per 150 KB

Prepaid Internet Bundle Pulse Rate is per 100 KB

A PULSE RATE is the minimum chargeable unit per instance of use

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