International Money Transfer

The World is your home with M-Pesa International Money Transfers (IMT

Vodacom, the only super network in Tanzania brings you closer to your family and friends across the World through M-Pesa. With M-Pesa, you can EASILY send or receive money from over 200 countries INSTANTLY to/from your M-Pesa wallet through our wide range of partners globally. In Africa you can send or receive money to/from Safaricom M-Pesa, MTN Uganda, MTN Rwanda, MTN Zambia and EcoCash Burundi instantly to your M-Pesa wallet or their mobile money wallet. Also, through M-Pesa Roaming cashout service, Safaricom customers are able to withdraw money through Vodacom M-Pesa agent when they visit Tanzania.
Through our global partners MoneyGram, Juba express and WorldRemit, M-Pesa enables you to receive money directly into your M-Pesa wallet INSTANTLY from over 200 countries from Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East and Africa into your M-Pesa wallet without charges.

What are the Benefits of this service?

    • Convenient: You don’t need to walk to a bank, bus stations or to an agent to send or receive money from any of our partner countries. Send and receive money at your convenience by using your mobile phone at any place and time.
    • Affordable: Sending money abroad through M-Pesa is much cheaper compared to other channels of sending money. Receiving money on the other hand is completely free.
    • Safe: Funds are sent and received directly into the recipient’s mobile money wallets thus avoiding the risks and burdens of handling cash. Moreover, M-Pesa offers a more secure way of sending money compared to other traditional channels like buses or cargo trucks.
    • Instantaneous: The recipient in any country gets their funds instantly and in their local currency and without any charges.
    • It’s seamless: There is no need for a recipient in the destination country to go to a currency exchange office since funds are received in their local currency because currency conversion is done automatically within the M-Pesa platform seamlessly

What are the Fees associated with this service?

      The fees for sending money to other countries are similar to those of sending money locally, thus making M-Pesa the most affordable channel of sending money internationally. Also, receiving money from any country through our partners to your M-Pesa wallet is completely free of charge.

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