Tanzania to Kenya, Pesa ni M-Pesa

Vodacom, the only super network in Tanzania brings you closer to your family and friends in Kenya through M-Pesa. With M-Pesa, you have the power to send and receive money from Kenya instantly to friends and family who are using Safaricom. Send money to Kenya conveniently, securely and faster. This service allows you to enjoy receiving and sending your money faster compared to any other money transfer channels like buses or banks that involve hours or even days for recipients in Kenya or Tanzania to receive their funds.

International Money Transfer

  • How to send money to M-Pesa Kenya
  • How to send money to M-Pesa Tanzania
  • What are the Benefits of this service?
  • What are the Fees associated with this service?

How to send money to M-Pesa Kenya

Vodacom Tanzania Customer

  • 1. Dial *150*00# or use the M-Pesa app and select Send Money
  • 2. Select to M-Pesa Kenya
  • 3. Select send money (Check currency conversion before sending)
  • 4. Please enter destination number (start with 254…)
  • 5. Enter amount in Tanzanian shillings
  • 6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN and confirm transaction

How to send money to M-Pesa Tanzania

What are the Benefits of this service?

  • It’s Convenient: You don’t need to walk to a bank, bus stations or to an agent to send money to Kenya. Send money at your convenience by using your mobile phone at any place and time.
  • It’s Affordable: It has cheaper rates compared to other channels of sending money.
  • It’s safe: Funds are sent directly into the recipient’s Safaricom M-Pesa account.
  • It’s secure: M-Pesa is a more secure way of sending money compared to other traditional ways like buses or cargo trucks.
  • Its fast: The recipient in Kenya receives his/her funds instantly and in Kenyan shillings.
  • It’s seamless: There is no need for a recipient in Kenya to go to a currency exchange office since funds are received in Kenyan shillings.

What are the Fees associated with this service?

The fees for sending money to Kenya are similar to those of sending money locally, thus making M-Pesa the most affordable channel of sending money to Kenya.

Money Gram
Vodacom in Partnership with Money Gram enables you to receive Money from across the World through a wide Global network of over 350,000 MoneyGram agents from over 200 countries Worldwide. All the sender needs to do is visit any of MoneyGram agent outlets, give the amount they wish to send in the currency of that country. The sender will give MoneyGram agent your M-Pesa phone number and the money will be sent by the agent directly into your M-Pesa wallet and you can immediately start to benefit from the convenience of M-Pesa from any part of Tanzania. For more information on how your family or friends can send you money through MoneyGram visit http://global.moneygram.com/en/send-to-a-mobile-wallet

Through a partnership with Juba Express, you can now receive money from your family or friends in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Sweden, U.A.E, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, DR Congo and South Sudan. Juba Express offers a safe and convenient Money transfer service in which money comes directly into your M-Pesa wallet and you can immediately use it for payments, transfers etc. For more information on how you can receive money internationally through Juba Express visit www.jubaexpress.com

Terms & Conditions for International Money Transfer

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