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Data Datani

What is Data Datani?

It’s a promotion that gives the subscriber MB Bonuses (data) up to twice your bundle whenever you buy and Internet package for the same price so that you can do more online with your super network, Vodacom.

How to use your Data Datani bonus MBs

Your bonus MBs enable you to do more online in your super network. You can browse, watch youtube videos and interact more on social media (Instagram, FB & Whatsapp)

How to get Data Datani bonuses

You will get MB bonuses each time you buy an internet bundle.

Can I buy for a friend?

Yes, you can buy Internet bundles for your friends and they will enjoy MB bonuses

How to get bonus MBs

You can get these bonuses by buying Internet bundles through these methods:

  1. Dial *149*01# choose Internet > Internet bundles/ 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days
  2. Dial *150*00# choose buy bundle/airtime > buy bundles > Internet/ Internet bundles.
  3. My Vodacom APP

Video Bundles

DSTV bundles

Price (Tsh) DSTV bundles (MB Only) Validity
1,000 2 GB 2 Hours
2,000 1.5GB 1 day
25,000 10 GB 30 Days

Kwese iflix free channels

Price (Tsh) Kwese iflix (MB Only) Validity 1,000 2.5 GB 2 Hours 1,500 1GB 1 day 3,000 2 GB 3 Days 6,500 4 GB 7 Days 18000 5 GB 30 days

Kwese iflix VIP

Price (Tsh) Kwese iflix VIP (MB + VIP access) Validity
3,000 1 GB + 1 day VIP 1 day
5,500 2 GB + 3days VIP 3 Days
11,500 4 GB + 7days VIP 7 Days
28,000 5 GB + 30days VIP 30 Days

To Subscribe Click "Buy Bundle" button

Or Dial *149*01# then Internet

Internet Bundles

Validity Price Internet Bundle
24 Hours Tsh 500 70 MB
Tsh 1000 Whatsapp & Instagram
Tsh 1000 200 MB
Tsh 2000 1 GB
48 Hours Tsh 5000 2 GB
7 Days Tsh 2000 Whatsapp & Instagram
Tsh 3000 500 MB
Tsh 5000 800 MB
Tsh 10000 2 GB
Tsh 15000 10 GB
30 Days Tsh 5000 Whatsapp & Instagram
Tsh 10000 1GB
Tsh 20000 4 GB
Tsh 35000 10 GB
Tsh 50000 20 GB
Tsh 95000 40 GB
1 Night Tsh 1500 2 GB
2 Hours Tsh 1000 1 GB

Prepaid Pay as you go rate is Tsh 282 per MB

Prepaid Pulse Rate for pay-as-you go is per 10KB

Prepaid Internet Bundle Pulse Rate is per 10KB

A PULSE RATE is the minimum chargeable unit per instance of use

Special Offer

30 Days
500 MB

Internet bundle Tsh 5000 / 30 Days

You can buy other bundles of your choice by clicking More Bundles

How to Check Balance

Vodacom App: Install and open App to view dashboard
Vodacom website: Login to your profile to view dashboard
USSD: Dial *149*60#
SMS: send "BALANCEDATA" to 15300

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Vodacom Internet – Fastest and Widest coverage in Tanzania

Experience Reliable, Convenient, Cost Effective and Tanzanian’s Fastest Internet with Vodacom SIM.

  • Super-fast Internet for your smartphones, tablets and notebooks and any internet capable device.
  • Easily stream videos, video conferencing, breezy games and picture downloads
  • Affordable internet bundles for your need with best experience
  • Widest internet coverage
  • Easily communicate and share information on emails, socio network such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat with maximum experience while transforming into the digital world
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