Self Service

1. What is Kwesé iflix?

Kwesé iflix is the world’s leading entertainment service which offering customer’s unlimited access to stream or download thousands of TV shows, live sports & movies from Hollywood, The UK, Asia, The Middle East and Africa

2. Where can I find kid friendly content on Kwesé iflix?

You can find all kinds of fun stuff under the “Kid’s Section” on Kwesé iflix. Everything from cartoon shows to even the latest animation films. All content is of course, appropriate for kids 12 and under. You’re welcome.

3. What contents are in Kwesé iflix?

With a vast selection everyone’s favorite comedies, drama, K-drama, Turkish drama, Bollywood, Nollywood, cartoons, movies, live sports (e.g. world cup, NBA) and more

4. What devices can I use to stream Kwesé iflx?

It is available on your phone, laptop, tablet, TV. You name it! Or you may download it via play store or appstore and enjoy it using your phone or tablet

5. What is the difference of Kwesé iflix bundles to normal data bundles?

Kwesé iflix bundles shall be used on iflix service only. A customer with Kwesé iflix bundle and normal bundle using iflix service shall deplete iflix bundle before normal bundle on Kwesé iflix service. On a similar case a customer with both bundles above on normal internet usage, shall deplete normal bundle and won’t be able to use the Kwesé iflix bundle except on iflix service.

6. How often do you update content?

Our content is updated every month, or every week, or sometimes every day if we feel fancy, so you’ll never have to watch the same thing twice (unless that’s how you roll). Our aim is to be continuously more awesome by continuously adding value to your Kwesé iflix subscription.

7. How can customer view bundle balance?

By dialing *149*60#

8. Can I use Kwesé iflix Bundles to access internet?

Kwesé iflix are only for Kwesé iflix usage

9. Is all customers eligible for Kwesé iflix?

All customers are eligible

10. What is the validity of hour, daily, weekly and monthly Kwesé iflix?

  • Kwesé iflix hour bundle - valid for 60 minutes
  • Kwesé iflix daily bundle - valid for 24hrs
  • Kwesé iflix weekly bundle - valid for 72hrs from Friday to Sunday
  • Kwesé iflix monthly bundle - valid for 30 days

11.Can customer use internet bundles to watch Kwesé iflix?

Yes. But Kwesé iflix offer more competitive rates compared to Internet bundles

12.How can I access Kwesé iflix

Download and install Kwesé iflix App by clicking the link on the bundle confirmation notification

Register by entering email account on the username, password, select the country and later sign in

Click any of the preferred channels to start watching live action

Purchase any preferred Kwesé iflix bundle

13. How can customers get help?

Customers are able to contact us on:

Email: Nigeria: Kenya: Ghana: Uganda:

Live chat:

Call Centre Number: Kenya: 0709500800 Ghana: 0242426172 Tanzania: 0411200092 Zimbabwe: 119 Uganda: 0202408004

14.How can I download Kwesé iflix?

Kwese iflix bundle confirmation notification comes with the link to download the App

Also the App can be downloaded from Google Play store or I-store

15.Is there any data charges for streaming content from Kwesé iflix?

Yes, there are data charges for streaming content from Kwesé iflix app and that’s why Vodacom is providing you with discounted Kwesé iflix packages.

16.How can I purchase Kwese iflix bundles?

Through product menu by dialing *149*01#, Internet, Video Packs and select Kwesé iflix bundles
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