Self Service

1.What is Magic Voice?

Is a fun based service that allows callers to change their voice automatically and lets them speak to their friends in changed voices.

2.Who can use this service?

This service is available to all customers (pre-paid and post-paid) of the operator where the service is live. Once they are subscribed to the service, they will be able to make calls to their friend’s using their changed voice.

3.How can callers subscribe to the service?

Via IVR customer dials 0901767777 and follows subscription procedure.

Via OBD: the system makes outbound dialer calls where the user can also subscribe

4. How does it work?

Caller dials * followed by their Friend’s Number from the mobile.

Caller selects the voice they would like to continue in.

The call is then connected and user can speak to their friends in the changed voice.

Note: The call receiver will receive the call like a normal call

5.How much does it cost to use the service?

Tsh. 99, daily

6.What happens when I don’t have balance of Tsh 99?

You won’t be able to use the service unless you have Tsh 99 for the service

7.Do I need a special handset to use this service?

No This service is handset independent and will work on any mobile phone

8.How much does this service cost?

Calling the IVR is FREE. Per minute charges would remain as per the caller’s existing plan

9.When does the charging begin for the service?

There is subscription charge to use the service. Without subscription, it is not possible to use the service. In addition, per minute charges applies as per the callers plan.

10.What happens if the caller does not press a button to select a voice option?

If the caller does not select an option within a specified amount of time, a default voice option would be chosen for them and the call to the friend’s number would be made with the default voice option.

11.Can callers change their voice to other voices while speaking to their friend?

Yes, during the call the user can press ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ to change their voice to other available voice options.

12.Can a caller change back to their original voice while speaking to their friend?

Yes. To go back to the original voice customer has to press ‘0’

13.Can I call friends on other networks with changed voices?

Yes, Press* followed by their friends number

14.What are the languages supported by this service

Yes, during the call the user canThe service is independent of languages. It works on basic speech and not on languages. So the caller can speak in any ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ to change their voice to other available voice options.

15.Can the voices be customized to provide personalized voices like that of Celebrities?


16.How can callers unsubscribe from the service?

Via IVR: Users call 0901767777 and follow the options from the main menu to unsubscribe from the service.
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