Why choose Vodacom Magic Voice Service

Surprise and delight your callers; spark up their day with that joke or prank

Entertain your callers by taking on the voice of

Laughter is the tonic of the heart. Make that special person laugh hard

Vodacom Magic Voice is the service you need to relief any tense

What is Magic Voice?

A service that allows changing your voice to sound like the voice of a popular or funny character while making a mobile call to your friends on your Vodacom line. You can change your voice during calls to sound like a male, a female, a child, father Christmas, appear to be in different background environment with noises from airport, market place etc.. The customer’s number must be Biometrically Registered to be eligible for this service.

To subscribe to this service simply dial * followed by your Vodacom Number
For example: *075XXXXXXX
Charges are Tsh.100 per day with Tax inclusive

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Terms and conditions apply !

Magic Voice Terms & Conditions

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