Now you can make Government Payments easily and securely through M-Pesa

  • How to make payments
  • Important to Note

How to make payments

How to make payments
Making Government payments via M-pesa is simple, all you need to do is;

  1. Dial *150*00#
  2. Choose Pay by M-Pesa
  3. Choose Goverment payments
  4. Enter Control number
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter you Pin
  7. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to Decline

Important to Note

Important to Note

Get the control number from the respective office before making payments through M-Pesa.

Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara

Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara


Vigezo Na Masharti

Vigezo Na Masharti

Important Things To Note:

1.Who is entitled to using M-Pesa Mastercard?

All Vodacom customers that are registered on M-Pesa can use M-Pesa Mastercard.

2.Are there any charges that apply when using M-Pesa Mastercard?

There are no charges when you prefund your M-Pesa Mastercard account or send money from your M-Pesa Mastercard account to your main M-Pesa account. You will only be charged when you make online purchases.

3.Is there a limit of funds I should have in my card?

The maximum amount to be put in your card depends on your M-Pesa account tier limit. Example 3 million for customers who have completed their registration.

4. How will I get my funds back in case I do not receive goods I have purchased by M-Pesa Mastercard?

If you do not get the goods you have purchased by your card, please call Vodacom’s customer support for further assistance.

5. For more information, Terms and conditions of this service visit our website or call customer support by dialing 100 for FREE.
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