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Mezzanine Agriculture solution also known as The Connected Farmer can help to Increase Farmer Economic Viability.

More than 70% of East African Agricultural output is from Small Holder Farmers, typically with less than 2ha each. This makes farmer interaction, transactions and data management a costly or impossible effort. Cash payments for crop procurement pose a risk to both parties involved.

Mezzanine empowers Agribusiness employees and stakeholders with a Connected Farmer Solution by improving visibility of field operations, farmer database management and security for authorized users. Intuitive applications providing field workers with data collection and decision support tools in even the least connected environments levels.


Mezzanine health care solution has been designed to assist citizens to Access Quality health Care. The Vodacom Stock Visibility Solution makes it easy with a smartphone and application bundle available to dispensing facilities to capture stock levels on a daily basis. The information synchronizes in real-time to a cloud-hosted server that automates alerts and reports for the benefit of various levels of supply chain management.


A comprehensive School Management solution that captures the daily data requirements the education department needs for visibility at all their schools. The School Management solution enables school principals to report daily activities back to the department of education. Decision makers are notified of incidents as they happen and can provide feedback to the school immediately. Reports are timeously available to school stakeholders on different levels

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