Vodacom Business acts as a partner in providing medium sized businesses with products to succeed.
These products offer many tools to maximize efficiency to gain the competitive edge in their market.

Mid Sized Enterprises

Connected Car

This is a fleet management system that brings you the comfort of knowing that your fleet is in your control and you are not spending more money on your fleet than you need to.

This product will tell you exactly when and where your vehicle is being driven, it will increase profitability by saving money on numerous operating costs by optimizing your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

It will also show the driver’s behavior by sending notifications and reports on driving behaviour events such as sharp cornering, harsh braking and harsh acceleration.

There are other benefits such as fuel management, geo fencing, reports, panic button, start/stop intervals, multiple driver identification and a Connected Car responsive web portal and mobile application which is optimized for easy viewing and navigation on mobile devices.

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