Prevention is better than cure

Mobilizing Maternal Health: Prevention is better than cure


The Mobilizing Maternal Health program is a multi-partner, multi-million dollar effort led by Vodacom Tanzania Foundation with financial contributions from other private sector companies and foundations.

The program aims to contribute to a reduction in maternal morbidity and mortality in Tanzania through a combination of innovative mobile technologies and health system improvements by means of patient transport, management and training of community health workers on preventive education. Implementation of Mobilizing Maternal Health is centered in two principal locations, rural Sengerema and Shinyanga Districts.

Efforts in these districts are focused on improving access to Maternal Health Services. This includes improved District-Level Hospital referral and maternity services (i.e., increased numbers of qualified staff and improved and expanded obstetrics and gynecology facilities) and a significant complementary rural community program.

The program is underpinned by Vodacom Tanzania Foundation’s ‘Text-to-Treatment’ transport program which seeks to improve referral from the village to district level by employing local private transport providers, paid and incentivized via Vodacom’s M-Pesa mobile money system, as well as through the provision of tailored SMS and text-based mobile health solutions.

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