Self Service


1.What is M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is a service offered by Vodacom Tanzania that allows transfer of electronic money from person to person, person to business and business to person via a mobile phone. The service is available to any Vodacom customer, registered with M-Pesa and above 18 years of age.

2.Do I need to have a bank account?

No, M-Pesa has been designed so that people without bank accounts can use it.Your money is held safely in a bank account run by M-PESA on your behalf. You do not have any contact with the bank and the bank does not have your details.

3.Can I use my Vodacom airtime to top up my M-Pesa account?

No, your M-Pesa account is completely separate from your Vodacom airtime.You cannot buy M-Pesa using airtime. However you can use your M-Pesa value to buy airtime for your own or another Vodacom subscriber’s phone. They do not need to be registered for M-Pesa to receive airtime credit from you.

4.What are the benefits of M-Pesa?

Benefits of M-Pesa include;

  • Deposit and withdrawal of money
  • Transfer/receive money between Vodacom registered and unregistered customers
  • Buy airtime for oneself as well as others
  • Pay bills E.g. LUKU, DAWASCO, DSTV and so on
  • Financial Services (Transfer between selected banks and M-Pesa account. i.e. CRDB, NMB, Standard Chartered, Exim, BOA, TPB, Akiba Commercial Bank etc)
  • No minimum balance required
  • Fast, convenient, safe and easy to use

5.Do customers pay any monthly fees for having an M-Pesa account?

No. M-Pesa charges are based on transactions done. There is no recurring charge applicable to just having an M-Pesa account.

6.How do I register for M-Pesa?

Once a customer buys a Vodacom line and registers it, he/she is automatically registered to M-Pesa. An existing unregistered customer may visit a Vodacom shop along with valid Identity Document - National ID (including Zanzibar ID), Passport, Voter ID or Driving License – to complete electronic registration process. Once registered customer is prompted to activate the m-pesa account by changing system-generated start key PIN to personalized PIN.

7.How do I activate my M-Pesa account?

Activation procedure is as follows:

  • Dial *150*00# ok
  • Select 1 Activate or 2 Wezesha
  • Enter start key PIN
  • Enter New PIN
  • Re-enter new PIN
  • Enter Date of Birth

SMS confirmation on account activation will be received

8.How does M-Pesa work?

When one wants to get deposit or withdraw from M-Pesa account, needs to visit a nearest M-Pesa Agent, request for Deposit. Check that the Agent has enough Cash/Float before the transaction.For deposit and withdrawal, visit a nearest authorized M-Pesa Agent

Dial *150*00# and choose withdrawal money

Enter the agent’s till number (5 or 6 digits) as displayed or advised by the agent Enter the Amount, PIN and verify the transaction by press 1 to confirm or press 2 to cancel. Customer should carefully check the till number and amount prior to confirmation.Wait for confirmation message of your transaction

For deposit, give cash to the agent
For withdrawal, collect cash from the agent

9.Does M-Pesa work across networks?

Yes. The initiator of the transaction should be a registered Vodacom and M-Pesa customer.The recipient can be either a Vodacom Tanzania subscriber or other mobile networks (in Tanzania) that are able to receive SMS from Vodacom.

10.Can one use M-Pesa services if his/her line is inactive?

No. The M-Pesa service is accessible only from active Vodacom registered mobile accounts.

11.What is the difference between a registered M-Pesa customer and an unregistered one?

A registered M-Pesa customer’s SIM card has an M-Pesa menu (*150*00#) and hence able to initiate M-Pesa transactions. An unregistered customer is one who can receive money from a registered M-Pesa customer. He/she can only cash out funds received from an M-Pesa agent within 7 days, but cannot initiate any M-Pesa transaction. The unregistered customer can be a Vodacom or any other network customer.

12.What are the transaction limits on M-Pesa?

All customers start transacting on Tier1 limits default. In case they wish to increase their limits, they may visit a Vodacom shop and submit KYC outlined below.

The following limits apply to M-Pesa customer transactions as per National Payment System Act 2015 - Electronic Money Regulation issued by the BoT.

Items Tier1 Tier2 Tier3
Maximum transfer 1,000,000 3,000,000 10,000,000
Maximum daily transfer 1,000,000 3,000,000 50,000,000
Maximum balance 2,000,000 5,000,000 50,000,000
Maximum Yearly Limit* 30,000,000 200,000,000 Not Applicable
Mandatory KYC Requirements** Default Photo ID ID, Business License and TIN certificate

* Maximum Yearly limit relates to incoming / credits into customer account. Upon reaching this limit, customer will be not be able to receive additional funds until the beginning of the next calendar year.

** Acceptable ID are valid Driving License, Voter ID, National ID (include Zanzibar ID) and Passport. For Tier 3, all three documents - ID, TIN and Business License are required. It is not acceptable to provide only one or two.


1.Is the money in an M-Pesa account secure if a mobile phone is misplaced or stolen?

Yes. Money in the M-Pesa account is safe. Every account is protected by a secret PIN that is set by the M-Pesa customer. If a phone is lost or stolen, the owner can do a SIM card replacement (SIM Swap) and reactivate their account using the same secret PIN. Hence, it is very important that customers do not reveal their PIN to any other person, nor should they write it down anywhere.

2.What can be done if a customer deletes the sms with start key PIN?

Such a customer may request a new start key.

  • Dial *150*00# and select either 1 for English or 2 for Swahili
  • Then, select 2 Get Start PIN
  • Enter date of birth (DoB) in ddmmyyyy format - Date, month and year. Eg: 29051980

M-Pesa will validate your DoB and send you a new start key. In case your DoB input does not match with what is on the M-Pesa system (perhaps due to registration error), you will be required to visit a Vodacom shop and submit your ID.

3.What types of precautions should customers exercise when using M-Pesa?

M-Pesa transactions involve very fast movement of money hence we advise customers to exercise extra care when confirming the same.

  • Check recipient numbers twice to avoid sending funds to wrong recipients.
  • Check that agent till number is correctly entered during withdrawal
  • Check that merchant till is correctly entered during lipa payments.
  • Customers should be suspicious about calls and text messages that ask them to send money in order to receive “rewards”. Instead, customers should report such senders / mobile numbers to Vodacom.

4.Can I share my PIN with people who help me?

Customers should not share or reveal their PIN to anyone, including known and trusted family members and friends, M-Pesa agents or Vodacom customer service representatives. The PIN should be memorized. It should not be written down anywhere. Keeping the PIN completely secret to yourself reduces risk of unauthorized use of your m-pesa account.

5.What should I do if I forget my PIN?

In such cases, it is best to reset your PIN immediately by contacting Vodacom Customer Care (dial 100).

6.What should I do if I share my PIN with someone by mistake or I feel that someone has guessed it?

You should reset your PIN immediately! You can do so via the M-Pesa app or by dialing

*150*00# > 7 My Account > 4 Change PIN


1.What should a customer do in case of transfer to a wrong recipient?

Customer should contact Vodacom Call Centre (dial 100) immediately and request reversal by providing the transaction receipt. Vodacom will be able to reverse the transaction if the funds are still available in the recipient’s account and the recipient accepts the reversal request.

2.What should a customer in case he/she has received funds from unknown sender / by error?

Customer should NOT utilize such funds. The sender will initiate a reversal via request to Vodacom Customer Service. Utilization of funds received in error is a dishonest and unethical act and may be deemed a punishable offence.

3.Can customers request reversal for any transaction done by them at any time?

Customers are advised to request reversal at the earliest in order to improve likelihood of successful reversal.M-Pawa transactions are not reversible.

Transactions older than 30 days are not reversible by Vodacom. Customers are advised to contact the recipient directly in order to recover such funds.

4.What are M-Pesa charges for transaction reversal?

There are no charges applied upon transaction reversal. Senders should note that only payment amount will be reversed. The charge applied upon the initial transaction is not reversible.

5.What should a customer do in case reversal is disputed by recipient or fails due to insufficient funds?

Customer may seek assistance from Law Enforcement Agencies.

6.What may a customer do in case Vodacom is unable to resolve a complaint?

Vodacom is committed to addressing and resolving issues raised by its customers. In the event that we are unable to do so despite internal escalation, customers have the right to refer the matter to the Complaints Committee under Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority.


1.How can an M-Pesa customer receive funds via Moneygram?

Vodacom M-Pesa customers are able to receive money from abroad via Moneygram international transfer, directly into their M-Pesa accounts.

2.Who can receive money via Moneygram?

Any Vodacom customer can receive money from abroad through Moneygram but to use/access the Money you must be a M-Pesa registered user. Vodacom subscriber who have not registered with M-Pesa will receive sms notification informing them about the transaction. They must then register on M-Pesa within 21 days in order to use the fund; Once registered the funds will be credited in their M-Pesa wallet. After 21 days, the transaction expires and funds are returned to Moneygram.

3.How does Moneygram to M-Pesa service work?

International Sender goes to Moneygram outlet (abroad) and asks to transfer money to Vodacom M-Pesa customer wallet.

Moneygram officer will inform Sender of the exchange rate, fee and amount which will be received.

Once customer agrees, transaction will be initiated from Moneygram system.

In real time, Vodacom recipient will receive M-Pesa value in his/her M-Pesa wallet in TZS / TSH.

Recipient will receive in TZS / TSH.

4.What are the charges/fees for Moneygram service?

The Sender will be charged by Moneygram for the service. There is no fee applied on M-Pesa to receive funds via Moneygram.

Normal M-Pesa charges will apply on usage of the cash. For eg: withdraw fees or send money transfer fees

5.In which countries is Moneygram to M-Pesa service available?

Currently this service is available in 91 countries.

Afghanistan Kazakhstan Suriname
Angola Kuwait SwiTanzaniaerland
Aruba Kyrgyzstan Taiwan
Australia Lebanon Tajikistan
Austria Liberia Trinidad
Bahamas Libya Turkey
Belgium Luxemburg Turks & Caicos
Brunei Macedonia Tuvalu
Cambodia Malaysia UAE
Cameroon Maldives UK (Excl. UKPO)
Canada Mali Ukraine
Cayman Island Marshall Islands USA (excl. Walmart)
China Mexico Uzbekistan
Cyprus Moldova Venezuela
Egypt Mongolia Virgin Islands, GB
France Netherlands Yemen
French Polynesia New Caledonia Czech Republic
Georgia New Zealand Denmark
Germany Oman Finland
Greece Pakistan Gibraltar
Haiti Papua New Guinea Guam
Hong Kong Philippines Micronesia
Hungary Portugal Norway
Iceland Qatar Poland
Iraq Russia Slovenia
Ireland Saudia Arabia South Africa
Israel Sierra Leone Sweden
Italy (Excl. PI) Singapore Timor-Leste
Japan South Sudan Vanuatu
Jordan Spain

6.Is there any limit for M-Pesa customer when receiving money from Moneygram?

M-Pesa customer will receive money as per the M-Pesa tier limits. If a customer reaches a tier limit, the normal tier upgrade procedure will be followed. Refer

7.What are the benefits of Moneygram service?

Real time transaction from sender to receiver.Secure: It is very secure from the sender to the receiver.No queue: No need for a customer to queue at a bank to get cash. No security question required

8.What is International Money Transfer (ie: IMT) with Safaricom M-Pesa Kenya?

It is a process whereby Vodacom M-Pesa registered customers can send money to and receive money from Safaricom M-Pesa customers. The service is available to fully registered M-Pesa customers. Customers may dial *106# to check their registration status.

9.What are the rules of the IMT with M-Pesa Kenya?

Sender must be a Vodacom customer who is fully registered with M-Pesa dial (*106# to check Status)Sender must have enough balance including transaction fees to effect the transaction M-PESA transaction limits will be applicable, i.e. one can send up to Ksh 70,000 per transaction and up to Ksh 140,000 per day; Recipient/receiver must be a registered Safaricom M-Pesa customer.

9.How does it work?

Dial *150*00#

Select 1 Send money > 3 Send money to M-Pesa Kenya

Enter the destination number starting with +254 or 254

Enter amount in Tanzanian Shilling.

Then normal M-Pesa PIN. Check amount and recipient’s number carefully and press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.

10.How will customer know if money has been sent to M-Pesa Kenya?

Customer will receive M-PESA sms notification for every transaction.

Select 1 Send money > 3 Send money to M-Pesa Kenya

11.In which currency will the money be delivered?

Money sent from Vodacom Tanzania to Safaricom Kenya will be delivered in Kenyan Shillings (KSH). Money sent from Safaricom Kenya to Vodacom Tanzania will be delivered in Tanzanian Shillings (TZS).

12.How may customers check currency conversion before sending money to Safaricom Kenya?

Customers can check currency conversion as follows:

Dial *150*00#

Select 1 Send money > 3 To M-Pesa Kenya > 2 Check currency conversion

Enter the amount you want the Safaricom customer to receive in Kenyan shillings.

Customer will receive a flash message indicating the amount of money that needs to be sent for a receiver to receive the indicated amount.

Eg: “For receiver to get 1000 KSH, you should send 23760 Tsh. The exchange rate is Tsh 23.76Tsh/1Ksh”

M-Pesa to Bank services

1.What are M-Pesa to Bank services?

Customers can transfer money from their M-Pesa accounts to various bank accounts in Tanzania that are connected to M-Pesa.

2.How does it work?

  • Dial *150*00#
  • Select 1 Send money > 4 To Bank
  • Select destination Bank
  • Enter bank account number
  • Enter amount to be transferred
  • Complete the transaction entering PIN

Bank to M-Pesa services

1.What is this?

This is a service where by Vodacom customers can access mobile banking services (either ussd, web or app based) which are offered by various banks like Akiba Commercial Bank, Amana Bank, Bank of Africa, CRDB, Exim, NMB, TPB, NBC, Standard Chartered etc. Customers must have bank accounts with any of the above banks in order use these services.

2.How do I register for mobile banking services?

Customer needs to have a bank account and request the bank to activate mobile banking access.

3.How do I access my bank account through mobile banking?

For your convenience, we have included links to various mobile banking services within the M-Pesa menu.

  • Dial *150*00#
  • Select 6 Financial Services > 4 Bank to M-Pesa
  • Then select the bank where you have activated mobile banking

4.What are charges for accessing mobile banking service?

Customers are charged Tsh 18.1 per 20 seconds (from their airtime account) when accessing mobile banking services.

5.What should a customer do if his/her mobile banking PIN is blocked?

Customer should contact his/her bank for assistance. Here are some contacts;

Bank Hotline/Call center
Akiba Commercial Bank 255767880668
Amana Bank 255657980000
Bank of Africa 255782262043/255782262291
CRDB 255714197700/0222197700/255755197700/255789197700
Exim Bank 255222293322/2555222293602
NMB Bank 0800002002/0800002002
Standard Charter Bank 255754800900/255222164999
Tanzania Posta Bank 255765767683

M-Pesa Agent Paybill

1.What is this?

This is a service where by Vodacom customers can access mobile banking services (either ussd, web or app based) which are offered by various banks like Akiba Commercial Bank, Amana Bank, Bank of Africa, CRDB, Exim, NMB, TPB, NBC, Standard Chartered etc. Customers must have bank accounts with any of the above banks in order use these services.

2.How does it work?

At an M-Pesa agent outlet, customer may give cash, reference number* plus own mobile phone number to the agent and request payment to a selection of businesses like Luku, Dawasco, DSTV and Azam TV.The Agent will process the transaction from their own agent account.

After the M-Pesa transaction is successful all the participating parties including agent, biller and customer will receive a notification SMS.

*Reference number depends on the bill you want to pay i.e. Meter number for LUKU, Smart card number for DSTV etc

M-Pesa withdrawal via ATM

1.What is it?

This is the service which allows M-Pesa registered customers to withdraw cash 24/7 from any DTB Bank and Umoja ATMs in Tanzania. The service is available to M-Pesa registered customers only.

2.How will this product work?

Once customer has e-money on his M-Pesa account

  • Dial *150*00# and select 2 Withdraw cash
  • Enter 999999 as till number
  • Customer enters his M-Pesa 4 digits PIN on his phone to continue
  • Customer receives a 6-digit authorization code by SMS which should be used within 5 minutes.
  • While at the ATM, the customer presses M-Pesa button at the top right corner of the ATM screen.
  • Customer enters the 6-digit authorization code from the SMS received on his/her phone
  • Customer enters his/her Vodacom mobile phone number
  • Customer then selects the amount he/she wishes to withdraw from the menu
  • Cash is dispensed from the ATM and a receipt is issued to the customer

3.What are charges for this service?

The charges for this service are the same as when withdrawing from any M-Pesa Agent.

NB: The maximum amount to withdraw from an ATM is 400,000 per transaction and 1,000,000 per day.

M-Pesa Faida distribution

1.What is M-Pesa Faida?

This is a quarterly interest share that Vodacom will be paying to all M-Pesa Customers, Agents and Businesses.

2.How will customers get their share?

Vodacom will send customer’s share directly into the customer’s M-Pesa Account. The funds will come from ‘M-Pesa FAIDA’ account.

3.How much will customer get?

Customers will get a share depending on their total number of M-Pesa transactions.

4.How can customer know/check their Share of M-Pesa profit?

Customer sends an SMS with the keyword AMOUNT or KIASI to 15300 and will receive an instant SMS of the actual amount you will get.

5.Will customers get more if they transact more?

Yes, the more customers put money into your M-Pesa account and make transactions, the higher their profit share will be. The quarterly profits/faida could change based on the return that M-Pesa has secured from the commercial banks.

6.Do M-Pesa agents qualify for this profit?

YES. This profit is distributed to M-Pesa customers, agents and business partners. The amount that you receive will still depend on your total throughput into M-Pesa

NOTE: Payments to M-Pesa agents will be done to the Agent’s float accounts or Business accounts

Customer Lipa Payments

1.What is Lipa kwa M-Pesa?

This is a service that allows consumers to pay for goods and services especially at shops, restaurants and cafes, using M-PESA.

  • Dial *150*00#
  • Select 4 Pay by M-Pesa
  • Enter the ‘LIPA Number’ of the outlet or retailer you want to pay
  • Enter “Amount” to be paid (Between Tsh10-Tsh3,000,000)
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • Confirm that all details are correct then select 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel
  • You will receive confirmation SMSs from M-PESA

2.How will customer know “LIPA NUMBER” of the merchant they intend to pay?

All merchant shop will display their LIPA number at a place where customers can easily read them when making payments.

3.How long will it take for M-PESA to process my payment?

Lipa kwa M-Pesa payments are real time and both customer and merchan will receive an SMS notification confirming the transaction.

4.What are charges for Lipa payments?

Customers are not charged for Lipa payments.

Send money to Other Mobile Money Accounts

1.What is it?

It is a service that allows Vodacom M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money customers to send and receive money to and from their mobile wallets.

  • Dial *150*00#
  • Choose 1 Send money > 5 To other Networks
  • Then choose the mobile money service you want to send funds to followed by Phone number and Amount
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • Confirm that all details are correct then select 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel the transaction
  • You will receive the confirmation SMSs from M-PESA

2.Is it possible for a Vodacom customer to send money to other networks while out of Tanzania?

Yes. Vodacom customers can send money from wherever they are in the world as long as they can access M-Pesa menu, and have network connectivity.

3.What are the charges for this service?

Charges to send money to other registered mobile money accounts is the same as sending to registered M-Pesa account.

Caution: Customers must ensure to select the correct service 1 Send money > 5 To other networks

4.How does a Vodacom customer withdraw money that is received from Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money?

Money from Tigo and Airtel goes directly into the customer’s M-Pesa wallet, hence a normal withdrawal procedure applies. Visit any M-Pesa agent and follow normal withdraw procedure.

5.Are there any limits to the number of transactions per day to and from different networks?

There is no limit on number of transactions. One can send as many times as they wish but within the daily and maximum tier limits on value.

6.Can unregistered customer receive money via this process?

No. The recipient must be a fully registered mobile money customer. Unregistered customers may only receive voucher payments from m-pesa which must be cashed out within 7 days.

7.Can customers send money via voucher to unregistered customer?

Yes, the send money option to unregistered customers is available. The recipient will receive a TOKEN VOUCHER and must cash the money out within 7 days. If uncashed, funds are reversed to the sender. However, charges are not reversible.

8.What is the minimum and maximum daily transaction limit?

The minimum transfer is Tsh 10 and maximum is Tsh 3,000,000 depending on customer’s tier limit.

M-Pesa app

1.What is the M-Pesa app?

The M-Pesa app is a Mobile Application provided by Vodacom Tanzania PLC for M-Pesa customers with Android and IOS phones to utilize M-Pesa services. The ‘M-Pesa Tanzania’ app is available for download from the official Google Play Store and IOS App Store under the developer name ‘Vodacom Tanzania PLC’.

2.Which phones support this App?

The M-Pesa app has been developed for Android and Apple IOS.

3.What is the OS version that allows M-Pesa app download?

The M-Pesa app will work on Android 4.1 (Jellybean) and IOS 9 and above.

4.What will happen if I don’t update my app?

Users can continue using the old app version if there are no mandatory changes in the new app version. Otherwise, the old app will be disabled and the user will have to download and install the new app version if they wish to continue using the M-Pesa App.

5.Is this automatically?

Yes, if the upgrade is mandatory, then the old app version will be automatically disabled.

6.How will customers be informed of new features on the app?

When there is a new feature available on the App, then an Out-Of-Box-Experience will be shown to the user to inform them of the new feature(s), and how to use them. When they log into the new app they will have an option of skipping the introduction if necessary.

7.When I update my phone OS, do I need to update app too?

No, device OS updates will be backward compatible with old versions of the M-Pesa App. If for any reason an app update is required, the user will be informed when they start up the App. Alternatively, if you restore your Android Device from backup, you will need to re-install the M-Pesa app by entering your MSISDN, an SMS verification code and your M-Pesa PIN.

8.Are data charges applicable when using the app? If yes, why not free?

The app will be free on usage but data (MB) is consumed during the downloading process.

9.Will I be able to use M-Pesa app while roaming?

Yes. The M-Pesa app can be used while roaming

10.How do I activate the app?

In order to activate the app, you must have your Vodacom mobile SIM in the phone and be using mobile data network in Tanzania.

11.How can customer distinguish genuine M-Pesa app from a fake app?

The ‘M-Pesa Tanzania’ app is available for download from the official Google Play Store and IOS App Store under the developer name ‘Vodacom Tanzania PLC’. Customers are advised to double check this information prior to download and input of PIN.

Vodacom Tanzania will increase the awareness of customers to the valid M-Pesa App. For example, by providing a link to the App on Google Play Store from the USSD Menu, Vodacom-Tanzania Website and in SMS notifications to Smartphone App users. In addition, the M-Pesa App icon and user interface will be made visible to customers on the Google Play Store and in all marketing material for the App. Vodacom Tanzania will also actively monitor Google Play Store and other sites for fraudulent M-Pesa Apps, and take steps to ensure customer access to download them is blocked.

12.If I changed my SIM card, can I use the new SIM card to access the app or will I need to register again?

As long as your MSISDN and M-Pesa account remains the same, you can continue using the App as normal. If you change your MSISDN (and M-Pesa account), then you will need to re-install the app on the phone with your new account details.

13.Does the app keep/save/store my M-Pesa PIN?

No, your M-Pesa PIN is not stored in the app.

14.Can feature phones access M-Pesa App?

No, the M-Pesa app will only work on Android or IOS smartphones.

15.What error message will customers get if they cannot download the app due to phone capability?

If you have an Android device with OS version older than 4.1 (Jelly Bean), then the App won’t be available to download and install on the Google Play Store. If for any reason, you obtain the App elsewhere and download to your phone, the OS will restrict you from installing it on your device. The “Install” button will be greyed out on the Google Play Store or on your device respectively.

16.Can I download the app over wifi?

No. The app cannot be downloaded over wifi.

17.Will changing my language preference on the app be applied to the app only?

No, when you change your language preference on the app, the change will apply to all M-Pesa channels (ie. USSD and app) and sms notifications.

Payment / Paybill / Pay Utility service

1.What is M-Pesa Paybill or Pay Utility service?

Customers may pay their bills to big utility companies and businesses via m-pesa, conveniently and fast, without having to travel to the business outlet or wait in queues. Over 1000 businesses offer bill payment services to customers via M-Pesa. This includes LUKU, Schools, Airlines, Water suppliers, TV subscriptions and so forth.

2.What are charges for Pay Utility service?

Pay utility charge may be billed to Customer or to Business or both, as per contract with the recipient Business Customer. To find out exact charge, contact Customer Service on 100.

3.What is Agent Paybill service?

This is a service whereby an M-Pesa Agent can make a business payment for customers.

4.How does it work?

At an M-Pesa agent outlet, customer may give cash, reference number* plus own mobile phone number to the agent and request payment to a selection of businesses like Luku, Dawasco, DSTV and Azam TV. The Agent will process the transaction from their own agent account.

After the M-Pesa transaction is successful all the participating parties including agent, biller and customer will receive a notification SMS. *Reference number depends on the bill you want to pay i.e. Meter number for LUKU, Smart card number for DSTV etc

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