M-pesa Business


  1. We offer the best solution for your organization collection of funds in a cashless manner as well as transferring of the same funds through M-pesa for different uses.
  2. Through M-pesa business solution, you would be able to serve your clients better as your customers are abled to pay for service with ease and timeliness and receive payment as well.
  3. With M-pesa Business Account, we offer two basic solutions
    1. Collection Account {C2B}

      -Simplify your fund collections in such customer can pay to the organization through M-pesa e.g. payment of utility, service, bills, tickets purchase
    2. Disbursement Account {B2C}

      -Simplify the transfer of funds, management and control of funds in the organization e.g. Salary payment, petty cash, donor funds disbursement
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