M-PESA Disbursement Account

M-pesa Disbursement Account

Is an M-PESA business solution which allows restricted use of funds within the organization. Your organization will be able to restrict use of funds on M-pesa to specified beneficiaries, and cash sent to beneficiaries will be used for intended purpose.

Uses of M-PESA Disbursement Account (B2C)

  1. Donor and NGO to manage funds for various programs e.g. health, food security program etc.
  2. Payment of salaries (wages); e.g. Construction, Mining, Security companies etc.
  3. Bank to wallet; transfer of money from bank account to customer mobile money account
  4. Agriculture; financing and cash allocation locked to purchase s from specific providers of inputs.
  5. Betting & Lottery ; real time payments of winners.

M-PESA Disbursement Account Benefits

M-PESA Disbursement Account Workflow


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