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  1. Who is eligible to get M-pesa Business Account?
  2. Any registered business in Tanzania is eligible to open an M-pesa business account with Vodacom.

  3. What are the requirement for Opening M-pesa Business Account?
  4. Attached are the requirements for opening M-pesa Business account. Please click here to download the file.

  5. Is it secured?
  6. M-pesa Business accounts are more secured, using the – https, data encryption (RCA algorithm).

  7. What is a M-pesa collection Account?
  8. Is a solution which enables different organization to collect money/funds on regular basis from its customer through M-PESA.
    Enjoy convenience , security, Time saving, Real time payments, Easy Funds transfer, Low transaction costs for both client and yourself.
    Take advantage of M-PESA payment solution and ease your financial transactions today.

  9. What is M-pesa Disbursement Account?
  10. Is an M-PESA business solution which allows restricted use of funds within the organization. Your organization will be able to restrict use of funds on M-pesa to specified beneficiaries, and cash sent to beneficiaries will be used for intended purpose.

  11. What is API?
  12. The new M-PESA platform, offers versatile integration capabilities that our development partners can take advantage of , to create excellent M-PESA journeys across the different industries they serve. This was a key factor in moving to the new platform.

  13. What is Integration and who can we integrate to?
  14. It’s the whole system of enabling two systems to communicate, with the help of M-pesa API, we can integrate to any third party system to facilitate the movement of cash from one point to the other through M-pesa.


  1. For any support issues and queries please contact m-pesabillers@Vodacom.co.tz
  2. For On boarding, commercial discussion and any business related issues please contact m-pesabusiness@Vodacom.co.tz


  1. For certificate installation Please click here to get the manual installation guide.

Remember all installation must be done through Internet Explore and no one can access the M-pesa account without a certificate in the specific computer.


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