M-PESA Web System

M-PESA Web System

Upon creation of the M-pesa business account, the organization will be given access rights to the M-pesa Web portal for control of funds in their M-pesa Account.

The M-PESA web system enables you to:

  1. View and Monitor the payments that are made to your M-PESA business account
  2. Make M-pesa bulk payment to individuals
  3. Allow Manager to monitor and manage float levels and redistribute the same
  4. Download statements which can either be a record of payment received, payment made, deposit and float level.
  5. Integrate to third party platform through API.
  6. Move funds to respective bank accounts from the M-PESA Account.
The Account created will have two levels only, creator and approver
  1. Creator (operator/initiator) will have rights to initiate any movement of funds within the account
  2. Manager/Approver will have the rights to approve the initiation done by operator/initiator.

The M-PESA website can be accessed via the following URL:
https://org.m-pesa.co.tz using internet explorer and google chrome. The M-PESA website is certificate based, this means that to be able to access it you are required to have an M-PESA digital certificate installed on your computer you are using. If you need to log in to M-PESA from a different PC at any time, you will require a separate certificate installed on that PC.
Follow the process outlined below on each PC to have certificate installed on them

  1. You can install the certificate on as many machines as possible
  2. The certificate can only be applied and installed on windows operating system
  3. Each certificate is valid for 1 year from the time it has been installed unless the computer has been formatted.
  4. Certificate application and installation is free and not charged.

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