Saturday, 26 January 2019: Vodacom Tanzania in partnership with Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB) is set to introduce “Pamoja Group Saving”, which is a special platform to provide digital financial services to small micro-based groups (VICOBA). The new service will allow group members to save securely, access loans effectively and invest with transparency through M-Pesa.

Its estimated that 16% of the Tanzania adult population (over 4.4 million people), majority of them women, are enrolled in over 50,000 village savings and loans groups (VICOBAs) holding savings upwards of TZS 100 billion in cash. Apart from the formal registered group there are also an estimated over 50,000 other informal groups involved in peer group savings and lending through social networks like Alumni groups, Family associations, work groups etc.  

As a market leader in the mobile money space, Vodacom M-Pesa has introduced many innovative solutions that address the needs of the market helping its customers move into the digital era and Vodacom Pamoja Group Savings is dedicated service for this segment.   

 “I believe that each and every one of us either knows of or is a member of a saccos, kikoba or upatu. Vodacom in recognising the huge role that groups savings play in boosting and raising incomes among different community members, we set out to create a service to make these groups more efficient but also move them into the digital financing space,” said Epimack Mbeteni, Director of M-Commerce, Vodacom Tanzania


Vodacom Group wallet ‘Pamoja’ seeks to address some of the challenges long faced by these financial groups which include security, record keeping, fund collection & disbursement, among others and will offer a sustainable and scalable platform to families, friends and other small micro-based groups to tap into financial services in an efficient, user-friendly, secured and convenience way.

By using Vodacom Pamoja Group Saving, all group members will be able to follow through various group transactions including available group contribution balance. Pamoja Group Saving with its unique functionality will with increased transparency reduce complexity and uncertainty associated with managing group finances. The service will be available to all Vodacom users upon launch and can be used for all types of groups savings.

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