Vodacom Tanzania launches self-service campaign.

In a bid to improve customer experience in the digital age, Vodacom Tanzania PLC has launched “Naweza na Vodacom” a campaign aiming to educate subscribers on the various self-service channels available to their customers. The program was launched at Vodacom’s headquarters today and it intends to solve challenges relating to daily use of the network by providing convenient and efficient self-service methods.

“Naweza na Vodacom” will sensitize Vodacom customers on the new approaches to customer services, in which Vodacom subscribers have the power and access to self-service channels that can provide customer with the information and assistance, without requiring any interaction with the customer service help desk or a live customer service representative.  

The customer can perform services by utilizing digital platforms like social media, websites and mobile applications such as ‘My Vodacom’ and M-Pesa app to access information and perform specific tasks. Subscribers will be able to tackle challenging situations such as reversing money sent in error through M-Pesa transaction and can also recover blocked or forgotten M-Pesa passwords. In addition, subscribers have the ability to interact and access computerized and pre-recorded voice information (IVR).

Speaking at the launch, Vodacom Tanzania’s Director of Customer service, Harriet Lwakatare said, “we are conscious of the time our customers spend solving their problems and now we have tailored our services to meet their needs in an instantaneous manner. Our primary goal is to ensure that our subscribers receive necessary support as soon as they request it.” She added that Vodacom as Tanzania’s leading digital network is focused on using technology to overcome any stumbling blocks that their customers face.

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) statistics highlights that the telecommunication sector has more than 42 million users/subscribers. Telco’s now have to prioritize and ensure that their whole client base get effective services.

 “Vodacom as the current market leader with 13 million subscribers, is on the forefront, innovating solutions for their growing customer base through the introduction of different channels such as IVR, My Vodacom app and social media. I urge our customers to join us in this digital revolution happening all over the world and embrace the changes coming with it. These services are both exciting and also new in the country as they offer our clients with the best opportunity for them to solve all arising problems instantly.  It is certain that with Vodacom, the future is exciting,” added Harriet Lwakatare.


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