Vodacom Tanzania Foundation and Girl Effect, an international non-profit organisation, have joined forces to launch ‘Tujibebe’ (“let’s lift ourselves up, together”), a mobile-based brand aimed at young people aged 14-19, with a specific focus on reaching adolescent girls.

 Tujibebe will unite young people through shared experiences and channel their entrepreneurialism; inspiring and supporting them to overcome life’s challenges together and realise their ambitions. Tujibebe’s content will provide Tanzanian young people with access to information and resources they need to make positive choices about their futures - from finding skills building courses and setting up their own small business, to managing their personal finances. 

 The brand launches with a Tujibebe website and a national IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone line - providing interactive, on-demand audio content - that will be free to access on Vodacom.

 Tujibebe was officially launched at the Golden Tulip hotel in Dar es Salaam at an interactive event, officiated by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) Board member, Simon Shayo, and attended by stakeholders from the development sector. Attendees were able to engage with Tujibebe’s content and hear from some of Girl Effect’s Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGAs), girl-researchers that have been central to uncovering authentic insights into Tanzanian girls’ lives to ensure the brand has been co-created with young people.

 Speaking during the launch, Mr Shayo said he was pleased to see more players collaborating to promote gender equality and empower young people. He applauded Vodacom Tanzania Foundation and Girl Effect for investing in initiatives that strive to transform communities. “Tujibebe shows the importance of private and non-profit collaboration to drive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. I would like to encourage more members of the private sector to be innovative in their areas of expertise and partner with civil society to create projects that empower communities'',  added Shayo.

 “We know that mobile technology has the power to change the world, we are excited to be supporting Tujibebe through our network to develop the potential of girls and boys in our communities. The power of connectivity and technology will deliver content that will empower young people enabling them to maximize their potential,” said Rosalynn Mworia, Corporate Affairs Director, Vodacom Tanzania and Trustee of Vodacom Tanzania Foundation.

 Elaborating on the impact of Tujibebe to challenge gender stereotypes and help girls see a different future for themselves, Girl Effect CEO, Jessica Posner Odede, remarked that the brand’s content has been designed to unite all young people, but with a focus on creating meaningful change for girls. She continued: “Young people often have a huge range of questions about their future that they don’t know how to act on - from the right skills to get a job, ways to safely make money or how to save for the future. We’re launching Tujibebe so that when girls go online, they can access content that is entertaining, informative and relevant to their everyday lives. Our ambition is to use Tujibebe to connect girls to services around them and create lasting behaviour change." 

Last month, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation unveiled its three-year strategy that seeks to promote inclusive development in the areas of health, education and agriculture.

 Globally, Vodafone Foundation is a significant Girl Effect partner to drive innovation and empower young people through mobile.


 Notes to Editors

 About Tujibebe

Tujibebe is a mobile-based brand targeted at young people aged 14-19, with a specific focus on reaching adolescent girls. Tujibebe will be accessible online via mobile and offline via club networks:

  • Mobile users on Vodacom will be able to use Tujibebe’s national IVR line (dial 0901760321) to listen to stories about a bajaji driver called Shukuru, who provides her passengers with friendly advice on topics like setting up your own business, preparing for an interview, or negotiating with parents. There are also practical tips based on the real-life experiences of successful female entrepreneurs.
  • Tujibebe.co.tz is a moderated website where girls can share their stories, be inspired by others, discuss challenges and receive advice from other girls and experts.
  • A network of clubs will be piloted in Dar es Salaam, to create offline spaces where girls can engage with Tujibebe’s content, be inspired and learn together.

 About Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

 The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation helps women and girls across the country improve their health, access better education and create new enterprises. Working with local NGOs and partners, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has supported over 120 projects to date investing over Tsh 15 Bn to improve the lives of those in Tanzania. For further information, please visit: www.vodacom.co.tz

 Vodacom Tanzania Foundation is one of a network of global and local social investment programmes linked to the Vodafone Foundation. Vodafone Foundation’s Connecting for Good programme combines charitable giving and technology to make a difference in the world.

About Girl Effect

Girl Effect is a creative non-profit working to support girls through adolescence and empower them to make positive choices so they can reach their potential. Founded by the Nike Foundation in 2004, Girl Effect is now an independent organisation working from nine global locations and active in over 50 countries. Using a unique understanding of girls and innovative behaviour change science, Girl Effect creates media brands that girls love, with content that is entertaining, informative and relevant to their everyday lives. Girl Effect uses technology to reach girls at scale and works with partners to drive demand and link to information and services available to them. 

 TEGA is Girl Effect’s mobile based, peer-to-peer research tool that gathers authentic insights to inform programmes and brands, ensuring that the voices of young people are heard.

 To partner with us in Tanzania, contact tanzania@girleffect.org for more information or visit https://www.girleffect.org/ for more information.

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