Vodacom Premier League is back with TZS 9 billion sponsorship

The premier league is back with a momentous sponsorship from Vodacom Tanzania. The company has signed a partnership agreement with Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) in which the association will receive TZS 9 billion over a 3-year period from 2019-2021.

This new deal makes Vodacom Tanzania the main sponsor of the league. The agreement was signed at Vodacom Tanzania headquarters, Dar es Salaam by all parties, TFF, Premier League committee and Vodacom Tanzania Plc Managing Director, Hisham Hendi, witnessed by Minister for Information, Sports and Culture, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe.

Tanzania Premier League is expected to commence on August 24 this year, with a total of 380 games played by more than 20 teams at various stadiums in the country.

In his speech, Dr Mwakyembe said, “It is necessary to invest in youth for the country’s development and we have increased our support towards harnessing the potential of youth in the coming years.”    

He further applauded Vodacom for supporting the government’s efforts to nurture talented youth, saying that, “today’s realities require the participation of young people in the socio-economic development of the nation and football employs thousands. The investment made by Vodacom today is a major milestone for the league. I encourage other companies to invest in sports in order to create more employment opportunities for youth that will enable them to contribute to the country’s   economic development.”

Vodacom Tanzania Plc Managing Director, Hisham Hendi, said the company is at the forefront of supporting development initiatives as well as sports activities in Tanzania. “We have been sponsoring the premier league for 9 years and have seen the growth of upcoming talent aa well as the league itself which commands a following of millions of fans both locally and in neighboring countries,” said Hendi.

 “We can all agree that football players are the biggest ambassador of our nation, we all saw that during AFCON season. Therefore, it is our responsibility to identify and build the capacity of talented footballers in the country”. Hendi added while expressing his excitement for the renewal of the Premier League sponsorship, pointing out that the company will continue to invest in youth through sports.

Hendi also revealed that the Vodacom premier league brings with it through SOKA LETU, exciting offers for their customers. “Once a customer subscribes to SOKA LETU, they get football news, updates and reviews on VPL. But that’s not all, our customers also stand a chance to win free minutes, VPL game tickets and other exciting rewards,” noted Hendi.


On his part, TFF President, Wallace Karia, commended Vodacom Tanzania for sponsoring the league highlighting that the funds will be directed towards skills development. “On behalf of TFF, I would like to thank Vodacom Tanzania for their continued efforts to support football in Tanzania. We commit to invest in the talents of our players to ensure we have strong and successful teams”.  

“As part of our vision to take Tanzania to a digital age and enable a cashless society, we target to enhance the experience of our customers and football fans in the purchase of the tickets through M-PESA, from all networks and banks. We are very excited about the future,” summed Hendi.

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