Vodacom M-Pesa offers a LIPA platform that allows transactions from all networks and banks.

  • Thousands attend Vodacom’s M-Pesa expo in Dar es salaam
  • Customers and public benefit from M-Pesa services


Leading Telecommunication Company Vodacom Tanzania PLC has today launched its LIPA KWA SIMU service at an M-Pesa Expo held at Mlimani City Mall aimed at raising awareness of the scope of financial services offered by its payment system.

Speaking during the launch, Vodacom Tanzania Director of M-Pesa Epimack Mbeteni said Vodacom saw the need to expand the LIPA kwa M-Pesa system from just M-Pesa to accept payments from all other networks and banks thus enhancing digital payments on both retail and online platforms. He said that Vodacom launched its “Lipa Kwa Simu” initiative to influence adoption of digital payments as the mainstream mode of payment in the country and shift away from the current heavy dependency on cash.

“Lipa kwa Simu is a revolutionary move by Vodacom towards driving a cashless society by enabling interoperability in payments across all networks and banks. With Lipa kwa Simu, merchants and business owners can receive payments from all networks and banks increasing their efficiency and security. As for customers, regardless of the network you are on, you can now make payments to LIPA at usual cost of transfer removing the need to carry large amounts of cash.” He said.

M-Pesa’s lipa kwa simu platform empowers businesses in all sectors including bars, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations, cinema halls, pharmacies, hardware stores and many more to receive payments from their customers irrespective if they own of a Vodacom line or not.

TRA Director for Tax Payer Services and Education, Richard Kayombo applauded services offered by M-Pesa and said that it has resulted in easy and efficient public payment systems as customers are able to pay a number of public utilities and obligations through the platform and in the comfort of their homes or places of work.

“The government is proud to be a partner in the mobile money services as people can make transactions to us be it municipals, court system, the police, or health services and many more. This has promoted transparency in transactions and has increased compliance by the public”.

The M-Pesa Expo hosted by Vodacom attracted thousands of customers, merchants and the general public who came to learn and experience how the new LIPA kwa Simu platform has made payments seamless.

One custome Mwanaidi Juma celebrated the LIPA kwa Simu system saying that it’s a game changer since she will never have to walk around with bulk cash or incur transaction charges to move money from bank to mobile money.

“I have just bought some  cosmetics and other items from the different merchants here at the expo and all I did was scan the QR at the LIPA kwa Simu till  and was able to pay straight from my bank. This means I can also track all my payments as they will be made from my bank,” he added.


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