Vodacom Tanzania Foundation in partnership with WWF Tanzania, The Vice President’s Office and the City Council of Dodoma has launched phase II of strategic plan of 2017 namely ‘The Greening Dodoma’ initiative in the heart of the country’s capital, Dodoma.

Vodacom Foundation has set aside Tsh 300 million for implementation of the project that started in early September this year. The project expects to plant and nurture more than 60,000 tree seedlings in Dodoma in its first year. In addition, The Vodacom Foundation will facilitate waste management initiatives and raise awareness and social mobilization for eco-friendly programs through training women and youth groups on production and use of alternatives to plastic bags as economic empowerment activities.

Speaking about the project, WWF Tanzania Country Director Dr. Amani Ngusaru said The Greening Dodoma initiative is the challenge that WWF Tanzania is happy to take on and by using its vast knowledge and expertise in conservation that the organization has, Dodoma will indeed be green again.

“We have been implementing conservation work in the country for more than 20 years but we have not had anything done in Dodoma. This project is therefore an opportunity for us to expand our horizon of conservation work and a great opportunity to work hand in hand with the government,” said Dr. Ngusaru

He added that this is the first time a corporate organization is supporting the government’s efforts in greening Dodoma. With a call for a new deal for nature and people aiming to see zero loss of habitat, zero human induced extinction and better livelihoods for people by 2030.

“This is our opportunity to contribute to these goals and the sustainable development goals on climate action. We thank Vodacom Tanzania Foundation for supporting these initiatives and joining the campaign for restoration of Tanzania’s natural ecosystem,” Dr. Ngusaru explained.

Director of Vodacom Tanzania Foundation Rosalynn Mworia said Vodacom is excited about the project that is a result of implementation of the Foundation’s new three years strategic plan 2019/21.  Advocating for the promotion of climate action for a sustainable environment is one of the foundations pillars in the new strategy.

“As a purpose led organization Vodacom’s vision is ‘to connect for better’ meaning, through our work, we hope to create a digital society, focusing on social inclusion and working for the planet by halving our negative environmental impact. This project aims to green Dodoma but also we hope for increased number of climate action/climate smart activities as a result of increased awareness and social mobilization. We urge other actors in the private sector to also support the project to scale up in other regions for the country to achive its objective for climate change,” Mworia explained.

More than 10,000 tree seedlings have been planted so far in the first two months of the project’s implementation phase.  In addition, more than 50,000 seedlings are planned to be planted during the coming rain season!

Vodacom Tanzania Foundation in collaboration with the Vice President’s Office, Dodoma City Council, Tanzania Forestry Services (TFS) and WWF have committed to the government that they will make sure all seedlings being planted during the project life span will survive and make Dodoma green again.


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