Dar es Salaam, 24 March 2020. Many Tanzanians join the world in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. The weeks and months ahead will require collective effort to assist government as it works to cope with additional pressures brought on by COVID-19. 

Helping to address societal challenges, such as those posed by COVID-19, is part of Vodacom’s broader commitment to create a Social Contract with its stakeholders. Vodacom’s priority is the health and safety of its over 560 employees while continuing to connect, deliver services and support its over 14 million customers to remain confidently connected through this period.

Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania Hisham Hendi said, “Vodacom can play a critical role in supporting the society during this time. We are rolling out our Business Continuity Plans during this rapidly evolving situation. Tanzanians can rest assured that they will remain connected to their friends and families and that businesses can continue to run using remote working tools through our network should the need arise.”

Hendi added “At the same time, we are ramping up efforts to support learners with out of school digital learning materials using the globally accredited Khan Academy curriculum on http://instantschools.vodacom.co.tz/user/#/signin. Now children who find themselves out of school for an extended period of time can continue learning for FREE, despite measures in place to mitigate the potential spread of the virus.” 

The company has taken several measures to support the community through the situation to include: 

  • - We have a well-developed business continuity plan for dealing with events of this nature, including co-ordinated regional and international incident management, response plans and the increased ability for Vodacom employees to work remotely without disruption. We have given extensive advice to staff and contractors to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 as well as activated hygiene protocols at our places of work.
  • -  We have a dedicated COVID-19 team working to maintain the level of service our customers expect from us, and we have made available various digital offerings to support enterprise clients. Our day-to-day operations will continue and should not be affected during this period.
  • - The data, voice and connectivity services that we offer will allow customers to stay connected especially for those in social isolation. We are making sure we have sufficient network capacity to enable people and businesses to work seamlessly. Communication is an essential service and since ours is a sector of sectors, the availability of our network is key to the effective functioning of all the other sectors of the economy.
  • - To date we have not experienced significant device and / or hardware supply disruptions. We are putting further measures in place to avoid disruptions and are working closely with our suppliers and partners.
  • -  Vodacom has zero rated official government websites with COVID 19 information, which means Vodacom subscribers can access basic information on the websites without incurring data costs. The sites include http://www.mcdgc.go.tz/  (Ministry of Health, Community D e v e l o p m e n t, G e n d e r, E l d e rl y a n d C hil d r e n ) , https://www.habari.go.tz/  ( Minis tr y o f Information, Culture, Arts and sports) http://www.maelezo.go.tz/  (Tanzania Information Services) 
  • -  In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we are providing SMS awareness messaging to over 14 million subscribers on hygiene etiquette and other pertinent information in connection to the pandemic.
  • -  We have also activated an awareness campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health where one can Dial 199 or SMS the word CORONA to 199 or dial *199# or visit http://live.vodacom.co.tz/vlive/tanzania_page_corona  to get insights on COVID-19 including symptoms, how to protect yourself and other important content. The multi media campaign makes it possible for people from all walks of life to have access to this important information for FREE.
  • -  We have supported a cross sectoral Government unit working on Covid-19 operations at NIMR offices by providing them with FREE fixed internet connectivity at their premises, further empowering them to work seamlessly to support all Tanzanians.  To assist with education while students are out of school, Vodacom customers and nonsubscribers can access Vodacom’s Instant Schools portal; a free e-learning platform for all Vodacom subscribers and carries content in Kiswahili and English for Primary and secondary school (http://instantschools.vodacom.co.tz/user/#/signin). Content includes assignments, quizzes and learning videos that are fully geared to help students who find themselves out of school during this time. The service is accessible via mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Students using Instant Schools portal will be able to complete homework questions, revise some of the work they have already done at school, browse past exam papers, and get tips and advice on how to improve their marks, download subject material and watch contentrelated videos. 


‘We emphasize our willingness and commitment to assist government efforts, and will continue to do whatever we can to help. Success will depend on citizens taking collective responsibility for preventing the spread of this pandemic. We are in this together; so we urge Tanzanians to follow the advice given by government and health care workers and to take care of themselves and their families.’ Hendi concluded.  


 Vodacom Tanzania Plc is the country’s leading mobile operator and mobile financial services provider. We provide a wide range of communication services for consumers and enterprise – including voice, data and messaging, video, cloud and hosting, mobile solutions and financial services – to over 14.1 million customers.  Vodacom Tanzania Plc and its subsidiary companies are part of the Vodacom Group registered in South Africa which is in turn owned by Vodacom Group Plc of the United Kingdom. It has been registered on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) with registration number ISIN: TZ1886102715 Stock name: VODA.

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