The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has donated 2 Billion shillings to support government efforts in combating spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Receiving  the donation today in Dar es salaam, Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu gave an update of the pandemic and thanked Vodacom for the gesture and called for more concerted efforts in fighting spread of COVID-19.

“So far there are a total of 147 people who have been affected by COVID-19, eleven people have been treated successfully. There have been five reported deaths. Out of 131 remaining patients, 127 are doing well, they remain in  quarantine because they still test positive while undergoing treatment”

Handing over a cheque for 2 Billion shillings, Managing Director for Vodacom Tanzania, who is the main funder of the Foundation,  Hisham Hendi said the company has taken preliminary measures inhouse and in the community at large to support government efforts in fighting the pandemic and ensuring business continuity.

“The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation is making a donation of TZS 2 Billion to assist the United Republic of Tanzania in its efforts to combat coronavirus in sourcing equipment and supplies,” said Hendi.

Hendi noted that, “We further extend our support to the government at all levels including Central government, Zanzibar Government, Mainland Tanzania's Regional and Local government working directly with government approved vendors and suppliers in delivering the needed assistance; tax free so that the full amount can be allocated to the benefit of intended end users”.

Vodacom has been active in ensuring its efforts to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus reach the masses. We have worked hand in hand with your dedicated team of actors through the Ministry of Health to send over 100 million SMS to our subscriber base of 14 million. The users have subscribed to receive FREE awareness and educational messages on the pandemic further equipping them to curb the outbreak in Tanzania.

Vodacom can play a critical role in supporting society during this unprecedented time and is committed to doing its utmost during this rapidly evolving situation. “We will endeavour to put measures in place to keep Tanzanians connected to their family and friends and to ensure businesses can continue to run using remote working in this time of national challenge,” added Hisham.

“We emphasize our willingness and commitment to assist the government  and do whatever we can to help. Success will depend on citizens taking collective responsibility for preventing the spread of this pandemic. We are all in this together,” detailed Hendi.

“We trust that our efforts will be well received to support you and the government at large in meeting the needs of the community that we serve, in these trying times.” Hendi concluded.

About Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation is the CSR arm of Vodacom Tanzania PLC with the mandate to provide public benefit to vulnerable groups with a focus on women & youth. The Foundation combines charitable giving and leverages on mobile technology to provide solutions to social problem.

Working with local NGOs and partners, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has invested over Tsh 11.8 Bn in education, health and agriculture sectors including climate resilience to improve lives of more than 2.8 million Tanzanians.

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