Mobile Network Operators (Airtel, Halotel, Tigo, TTCL, Smile, Vodacom and Zantel) wish to remind our esteemed customers, to register SIM card(s) biometrically in accordance to the Electronic and Postal Communications Act (EPOCA) of 2010, and the EPOCA (SIM Card Registration) Regulations, 2020. Biometric SIM Card Registration services are available through our customer care shops and mobile operators’ registration agents. 


First, you are required to provide your own NIDA ID or National Identification Number (NIN) during registration of SIM card. The use of SIM card registered in another person’s name is an offence leading to a fine of 3,000,000 Tanzania Shillings or imprisonment of 12 months or both.


In order to verify all SIM Cards registered on your NIN please dial *106# choose option number 3.  If you do not recognize any of the SIM Cards visit your nearest shop or agent to deregister such SIM Card(s). Please ensure you have completed verification of all your SIM Cards with your operator before 31 July 2020.


Second, customers are reminded not to give the password of their mobile money account to any person (including staff of operators). Operators are not mandated to request customers to share passwords when assisting them.  Further please refrain from sending any money to any mobile number that you have not verified the identity of the recipient.


Third, this notice also serves as a reminder to all our agents to ensure they abide to the laws, regulations and terms and conditions of their contracts with respective operators when registering customers. To ensure proper record of the particulars of a customer is obtained when registering a SIM Card. Please be further reminded that providing false, incorrect and misleading customer information, leads to fines of 3,000,000 Tanzania Shillings or imprisonment of 12 months or both.


Fourth,  in the event any customer or agent receives  information of fraud, to please report this to the respective mobile operator either through the call centre services number (100) or  by short message (SMS) through a dedicated short code number to be communicated by your operator.


Last, we wish to notify the public that Mobile Network Operators have entered into collaborative agreement to jointly fight fraud caused by unfaithful agents or customers. This joint initiative include taking actions such as blacklisting devices, IMEI and NIN that have been identified as posing a fraud risk or have been linked to fraudulent activities. All operators will blacklist these devices, IMEI and NIN numbers unless advised otherwise by the TCRA. Along with termination of the respective agents from providing services to any operator, all individuals involved in fraudulent acts shall also face criminal prosecution.

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