Nipige Tafu Overview

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Best Network
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Superfast 4G

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Check your Nipige Tafu loan amount, dial *149*01# then select Nipige Tafu then Loan balance or dial direct code *149*01*99# then loan balance. To easily repay your loan instant, top up airtime through Scratch Voucher Card or MPESA, buy bundle via M-Pesa or receive bundle from a friend.

Need Nipige Tafu Service?

This service enables Vodacom customers to borrow airtime or bundles whenever in need and repay with interest.

Customer is required to dial *149*01# then NIPIGE TAFU or direct code *149*01*99#.

Here customer should be able to view eligible amount, loan balance and loan limit. Borrowing amount starts from Tsh.400 to Tsh.2,000 and Interest from 20% to 25%. The customer’s number must be Biometrically Registered to be eligible for this service.

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