Pay School

Paying Fees Without queuing!

Let them learn without hustle.
Pay fees anywhere via M-Pesa
How to pay for specific schools

Dial *150*00#,choose PAYMENTS,enter BUSINESS NUMBER
SchoolBusiness NumberReference
St.John's University 111999 Student Registration number
Dar es Salaam School of Journalism(DSJ) 485050 Student Registration number
VETA Kipawa Institute of ICT 750750 Student Registration number
Royal College of Tanzania 414243 Student Registration number
Saint Glory College 334455 Student Registration number
Saint Anthony Secondary School 880880 Student Registration number
Fountain Gate Academy 818283 Student Registration number
Msigani Secondary School 727374 Student Registration number

You will receive confirmation SMS with your payment details.The schools will also receive confirmation via SMS and web.

Generl information for parents/guardians
To pay school fees to any other school not from the list, lease contct the school administration,Headmaster or priniciple and they willgiveools fees you an M-Pesa number that youwill use to transfer funds for your child's school fees. More schools and universities will be included soon.

Information for school administrators/headmasters/principles
if you are a school administrator,headmaster or principal and would like to get your school to accept payments via M-Pesa Please contact us at

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