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Vodacom's Privacy Commitments

Customers entrust us with their privacy – whether it’s the protection of their personal information, the confidentiality of their private communications or the way we develop our products and services.
    The way we handle their privacy is a vital part of our responsibility to customers and how we earn their trust.

      We aim to create a culture at Vodacom where employees have a clear understanding of how important privacy is and how to ensure it is protected. Our Privacy Commitments set out the principles that govern our approach to privacy and how we engage with employees, partners and external stakeholders on relevant issues – such as designing products to protect privacy or assisting law enforcement.

          We value privacy because of its value to people. It’s about more than legal compliance – it’s about building a culture that respects privacy and justifies the trust placed in us.

          Openness and Honesty
            We communicate clearly about actions we take that may impact privacy, we ensure our actions reflect our words, and we are open to feedback about our actions.

                We give people the ability to make simple and meaningful choices about their privacy.

                  Privacy by Design
                    Respect for privacy is a key component in the design, development and delivery of our products and services.

                        When we are required to balance the right to privacy against other obligations necessary to a free and secure society, we work to minimize privacy impacts.

                          Laws and Standards
                            We comply with privacy laws, and we will work with governments, regulators, policy makers and opinion formers for better and more meaningful privacy laws and standards.

                                We are accountable for living up to these principles throughout our corporate family, including when working with our partners and suppliers.

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