1.What is RED Plan?

This is a tariff plan which comprises bundles that are rich in all net minutes with bonus onnet minutes, data volumes (MBs), SMS and International minutes, the customer has the option to activate AUTO RENEWAL or ONCE OFF option when buying the bundle.


Is a feature that Vodacom empowers customers to auto purchase their bundle of choice when it expires.

3.What is the difference between AUTO RENEWAL and ONCE OFF?

When you are in Auto Renewal, you bundle of the same price will be auto purchased, you just need enough airtime While ONCE OFF the bundle will not be auto purchased, the customer will have to start a new purchase process.

4.IS there any benefit for activating AUTO RENEWAL?

YES! The customer will be able to carry over the unused minutes, MB’s & SMS when the bundle expires. Customer that have activated ONCE OFF they will not be able to carry over when their bundles expires.

5.How do I subscribe to RED bundle?

You can subscribe to RED Bundles via below options
  • i. Red Relax menu, Dial *149*73#
  • ii. Product menu, Dial *149*01# then select BUY BUNDLES and select RED Relax
  • iii. M-Pesa menu Dial *150*00# >Buy Bundle/airtime > BUY BUNDLES>RED Relax
  • iv. Website
  • v. Mpesa App
  • vi. My Vodacom App
  • vii. Vodafasta Channel

6.What are the benefits I get if subscribe to RED bundle?

Apart from getting all net minutes, data volumes (MBs), SMS and International minutes, you also get;

  • i. Free M-Pesa mini statement
  • ii. Priority when calling customer care
  • iii. Priority when visiting Vodacom Shops for assistance
  • iv. Priority with Back office help desk

7.How will a customer know whether he/she is the RED customer or NOT?

The customer will know by dialing *149*73*01# or Go through the Product menu *149*01# >BUY BUNDLES> select RED Relax and then my account

8.Can I still get RED benefits without subscribing to RED bundle?

NO! RED benefits are only available for customers that have subscribed to any of RED bundle.

9.What happens when the bundles expires, will I still get RED Benefit?

NO!When the bundles expires you will stop getting RED benefit.

10.What are the RED bundle?

Price All net SMS Internet Validityt
1500 150 20 50MB 24hrs
10,000 200 100 3 GB 7days
30,000 500 300 7GB 30 Days
50,000 1,000 300 15 GB 30 Days
95,000 3000 300 50 GB 30 Days

11.What happened when my minutes, sms or MBs depletes before the expiration of my RED bundle?

You can buy another RED Relax bundle or buy any other bundle of choice by dialing *149*01#.

12.Can I buy any other bundle while I’m on RED Bundles?

YES. You are still allowed to buy any other cheka bundle of your choice.

13.Is it a must to activate RED Auto renewal feature before subscribing to any RED bundle?

It’s not a must to activate RED auto renewal feature before purchasing the bundle. But for convenience purpose it is good to activate auto renewal and have the benefit to carry over unused minutes, MBS’ and SMS.

14.Can I deactivate Auto renewal once activated?

Yes, you can chose to deactivate RED auto renewal feature any anytime, and when the bundle expires, it will not activate itself anymore, and you will have to go through the product menu and repurchase RED bundle.

15.Can I buy RED bundle anywhere I go in Tanzania?

Yes, you can subscribe to any RED bundle anywhere in Tanzania.

16.If I did not activate RED auto renewal feature, can I still subscribe into the same RED bundle price point?

Yes, you can buy the same RED bundle price point, multiple purchase is allowed

17.If I had activated RED auto renewal feature, how will it work, when my RED bundle expires?

If auto renewal is activated, you will receive a notification message, reminding you to make sure you have sufficient airtime amount to renew your bundle.

If you have sufficient funds, then when your bundle expires, you will be automatically be subscribed into the RED bundle that you had previously subscribed to with auto renewal feature, and will also receive a confirmation message of the successful subscription.

18.What will happened when I don’t have enough funds for auto renewal? Will I still get the RED bundle and charge me when I recharge my airtime wallet?

If you have insufficient funds in your airtime wallet, auto renewal will not take place and your benefits will also be deactivated.

19.What happened when I don’t re-subscribe to RED bundle when my subscription expires?

Yes, you can buy RED bundle for your friends and family through Airtime or M-Pesa from your phone.

20. Can I buy RED bundle for a friend?

Yes, you can buy RED bundle for your friends and family through Airtime or M-Pesa from your phone.

21.If I buy RED for a friend, will they also get RED benefits?

Yes, when you buy for a friend, he/she will get all RED benefits, but the bundle will not be automatically subscribed when the subscribed RED bundle expires.

22.Will I get RED services when I go to abroad?

RED bundles are only for use within Tanzanian boarders.

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