Self Service

1.What is this all about?

  • These are data only bundles.
  • All bundles are usable in Tanzania only. International data roaming charges apply on data usage outside Tanzania.
  • Out of bundle tariff is Tsh.282/MB.

2.What are the new sizes and their respective tariffs?

Internet Bundles

Validity Price Internet Bundle
24 Hours Tsh 500 70MB
Tsh 1000 Whatsapp
Tsh 1000 200MB/td>
Tsh 2000 1GB
7 Days Tsh 1000 Whatsapp
Tsh 3000 500 MB
Tsh 5000 1GB
Tsh 8000 2GB
Tsh 15000 10GB
30 Days Tsh 5000 Whatsapp
Tsh 5000 500 MB
Tsh 15000 2GB
Tsh 35000 10GB
Tsh 50000 20GB
Tsh 95000 50GB
2 Night Tsh 1500 4GB

Prepaid Pay as you go rate is Tsh 282 per MB

Prepaid Pulse Rate for pay-as-you go is per 150 KB

Prepaid Internet Bundle Pulse Rate is per 100 KB

A PULSE RATE is the minimum chargeable unit per instance of use

All tariffs are in Tsh. inclusive of all taxes.

3.How can customers access the bundles?

  • Customers can access these bundles by dialing *149*01#, then go to internet.
  • Customers can buy internet for a modem, tablet or their friends by selecting ‘Buy internet for friend’ option under internet. This is possible provided the number has got no active internet bundle.

4.How can customers enquire balance of an internet bundle?

  • Customers can enquire internet balance by dialing *149*60#, go to internet and BlackBerry and then Bundle balance.

5.What are the other business rules?

  • A new bundle of the same kind that is purchased will update the validity period to the new bundle with the old benefits rolled over into the new period.
  • Bundles usage will be prioritized based on validity period with the lowest validity activated first.
  • Multiple bundle purchase is allowed.
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