Self Service

1. How can customer access the service?

To access the service customer dial Vodacom Menu*149*01# then Nipige Tafu.
Customers may only see the offers which are eligible to them.

2. Is there a minimum balance customer can borrow?

No, there is no minimum balance required at the time customer is borrowing, customer can borrow with any amount as longer as they meet other conditions.

3. What is the loan fee for all loans customer requested?

No, loan fee is different, it will depend on the amount customer has borrowed and their usage.

4. Can customer still do the multiple borrowing within their loan limit and repay little by little?

Yes, multiple borrowing is allowed as long as customer is within their loan limit. Example if customer’s loan limit is Tsh. 2000 can borrow multiple times based on the limit.

5. Can customer still use the service if not full registered!

NO, for one to use Nipige Tafu service must complete full customer registration

6. What is the maximum amount customer can borrow!

Maximum amount varies per customer!, the more usage the more the amount once can borrow

7. How can customer check their limit!

Dial *149*01#, select Nipige Tafu then Loan Limit

8. How can customer check their loan balance!

Dial *149*01#, select Nipige Tafu then Loan balance
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