Vodacom Business provides a wide range of products that empower small businesses to function at greater capacity.
Using the latest innovations from Vodacom Business, businesses can harness the power of tailor made technology to build more business.

Small Enterprises

Business Service solutions

This range of products is specifically designed for complex operations such as medical clinics, agricultural operations and even schools.

  • These products offer you an insight on your stock and inventory, your usage of them, and can even prompt you to restock and replenish.
  • These products are revolutionary in the market and provide a great opportunity to find growth and increase efficiency.

Stock Visibility Solution (SVS)

A mobile based solution that provides real-time visibility on stock levels on primary health care dispensaries. Enable government to increase access to medicine where it is needed, when it is needed.
Real-time access to stock level information from medicine dispensaries allow low-stock levels to be pro-actively replenished and out-of-stock facilities to receive priority attention. The National Department of Health can monitor critical supply chains and compare centrally purchased volumes with medicine actually available on the shelves of dispensaries. SVS enables governments to migrate from a pull model to an informed pushed model.

Instant Classroom

Instant classroom is an innovative solution to easily and quickly implement digital classrooms in schools which offers an integrated proposition to mitigate inequalities in education access and improve learning outcomes.

  • All books on one tablet, students and teachers can easily do the reference, study, discussion anywhere without carrying the whole pile of books. Form four students accessing all reference books from form 1- form four
  • Digital can make Learning fun and Engaging to students and teachers as it offers them number of options to engage, collaborate and participate as well as helping their imaginations
  • Digital makes it easier for the teachers to explain the difficult concepts better and easier and for students to understand them with less efforts.

School Management Solution

A mobile application that offers real-time management interaction between schools and the education department

  • The School Management Solution enables school principals to daily report in real time routine and exceptional activities back to the department of education.
  • Departmental decision makers are notified of incidents as they happen and can provide feedback to the school immediately.
  • Reports are timeously available to school stakeholders on different levels. Statistical analysis and trend reporting of aggregated data over time offers a sound base for operational and strategic planning.

Connected Famer

Vodacom, has developed a mobile enabled solution to mitigate the risk for agri-businesses doing business with SHFs. Connected Farmer utilise readily available, reliable and scalable mobile technology to deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use business management solution for all stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem. It allows FARMER PROFILING, FARMER COMMUNICATION, AND FARMER MOBILE TRANSACTION
To the Agribusiness:

  • Lowers cost & risk involved in transacting with small holder farmers due to the Know Your Farmer (KYF) capability in the platform
  • Informed decision making with readily available field data (Farm and Farmer profiles)
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and transparency in the Agriculture value chain (for all stakeholders in the ecosystem)
  • Enhanced small holder farmer trust in the Agribusiness system and reduced side selling
  • Steady supply of produce due to better forecasting
  • Real-time payment via Mpesa reducing challenges and risks of cash handling

To the Farmer:

  • Access to quality information to specific groups of farmers based on farmer and farm profile
  • Access to markets – closer and potential new channels
  • Access to finance and build transactional history
  • Improved income and resilience of farmers
  • Real-time payment via Mpesa reducing challenges and risks of cash handling

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