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Soka Letu is an interactive content service offering customers text content and the opportunity to vote for their favorite most popular player and a Customer with highest point may get chance to win a Trip to AFCON Egypt.

The service is on a daily subscription basis with its first 3 days for free. Upon Opt In, customer will win 5 On-net minute.

Throughout the whole experience, depending on the customer segment he will see a different customer experience and will be eligible for different prizes, the different customer segments will be Base, Pinduapindua and Red.

How To Subscribe

How To Subscribe

1. A Vodacom subscriber will subscribe to the Soka letu Service via USSD by dialing the USSD code *149*84# and pay via airtime or via M-Pesa by dialing USSD code *149*01*54#,*149*01*56# or *149*01*57# and get subscribe to the service for 7, 10 or 30 days package respectively.

2. Customer will receive daily text content during his subscription in case he is an active customer. An active customer is a customer who is enjoying his free days.

3. Customer may at any time get information about his subscription including his current points by dialing *149*84*01#

Benefits Of Soka Letu

Benefits Of Soka Letu

5 onnet minutes every once subscribed to the service. Customer can redeem the 5 minutes of free talk by dialing *149*84*05#.

FREE 3 days after subscription charge from the following day to enjoy his subscription in the service and later charged Tsh 100 per day

Customers may earn points when subscribing to Soka Letu:

  • Customers with cheka bundles -1000 points
  • Customers with Pinduapindua bundles – 2000 points
  • Customers with RED bundles – 5000 points

Customers may get chance to win A TRIP TO AFCON EGYPT and different prizes such as VIP ticket, a Vodacom premier League jersey and a chance to meet favorite player

How To unsubscribe

To Un-Subscribe

Dial *149*84*03# or send a message with content STOP/ONDOA TO 15389

Soka Letu – FAQ

1.How can a customer opt-in to SOKA LETU service?

Customer will opt in by dialing * 149*84# to opt in.

2.Who is eligible for SOKA LETU service?

All Vodacom customers qualify for the SOKA LETU Service.

3.What type of content can I receive on SOKA LETU service

Customer will initially be on the basic SOKA LETU service receiving teams’ news and updates, VPL History, VPL statistics, games schedules, results etc.

4.What benefits will customer find on SOKA LETU Service?

Immediately after opt in to the services you will get the service FREE for 3day and redeemable 5 on-net and bonus points as follows:

  • If a customer is not on PinduaPindua or RED RLX bundle will get 1,000 points,
  • If a customer is on PinduaPindua bundle, will get 2,000 points and
  • If you are on RED RLX bundle, will get 5,000 points.

Customer also have a chance to win tickets to watch favorite team play live at the stadium or even get a chance to meet favorite player by voting for best player and receiving more points and increase chances of winning various gifts!

5.How can customer redeem their 5on-net minutes?

Customer will redeem 5Onnet minutes by dialing *149*84*05#

6.How can customer vote for best player and win?

Customers will be invited when to vote for their best player and will be given instruction on how to vote through the following number 15389.

Customer will send player’s name to 15386 and receive 1,000 points upon voting.

7.How much does the SOKA LETU Service charge?

First 3 days are free! There after the customer is charged 100 TSH/day.

8.Who should qualify for the variety of gifts?

Various gifts are offered to a customer who will opt-in to SOKA LETU, charged for updates and vote for favorite player to get more points to increase your chances of winning.

9.How can customer view information on subscription?

Customer can dial *149*84*01#

10.How can customer opt-out of VPL service?

Customer can dial *149*84*03# to opt out of VPL service.

11.Will a customer lose points if he/she opt-out?

Customer won’t lose the points but will be able to vote for favorate player or win various gifts unless he/she opt-in again.

SOKA LETU Service Terms & Conditions

Service Description:

1. Soka Letu AFCON campaign is open to all Vodacom prepaid customers only from 1st June 2019 to 31st July 2019

2. For the first time of subscription only, customers will get their first 3 days of subscription for free. If a customer subscribes, unsubscribe, and re-subscribe again, he will not be eligible for the free days again

3. Customer will earn points as per their Service profile this means, Youth (2000), Red (5000) & Mass (1000)

4. The service subscription price is 100 Tsh per day. Vodacom may decide on Random basis to provide the service to customers with the following discounted prices:

  • 3Tsh
  • 5Tsh
  • 7Tsh
  • 10Tsh
  • 20Tsh
  • 50Tsh
  • 75Tsh

5. Customer will not be charged for additional fee for Mobile Terminating(MT)/Mobile Originating(MO) when receiving/responding to the questions however they must be active and charged for the service for that specific day

6. Active customer will receive daily text content during his/her subscription. An active customer is a customer who is enjoying his free days or who is charged for any of the subscription prices mentioned above. Customers who are not charged will not be eligible

7. Subscribers winning trips to Egypt must have a valid Tanzanian Passport and to be submitted to Vodacom within 7 days for visa approvals. In case of failure to secure passport or visa refusal for the winner, next randomly drawn number will be picked as winner replacement.

8. If a customer have highest point but have no passport they will win 10,000 minutes Voda-Voda but they will miss a trip to Egypt whereby the next one with the following higher points will win a trip if they have a passport

9. Vodacom will assist all winners of the trips to Egypt with an Introduction Letter declaring their winning to assist in securing the necessary documentation for the trip but approval for passport and or VISA is subject to relevant authorities.

10. The prizes of this promotion cannot be interchanged, exchanged or passed on to another person.

11. The winner of any prize will have to produce relevant recognized national identification but not limited to (NIDA card, Voter’s ID, Driving License) before being acknowledged as a valid winner.

12. A subscriber can ONLY win a particular prize ONLY ONCE. That is if a subscriber wins a particular category such as weekly prize in week 1 he/she will not be eligible to win a weekly prize again in the coming weeks.

13. Winning subscribers who were not reachable by telephone or who did not answer their phone 3 times will not have a right to claim a prize.

14. Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age and above to participate

15. We reserve the right with a prior notice and reason to alter, restrict and/or terminate Services to you in particular, or to the public in general, or to revise these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be deemed to have been accepted by you if you continue using the Services. The obligation therefore is on you to review these terms and conditions at regular intervals.

Why Choose Soka Letu?

  • Win a chance for a Trip to AFCON EGYPT
  • Get instant updates of the Premier league on your phone
  • Win personalized jerseys of your favorite team.
  • Win a chance to watch your favorite team train.
  • Win a chance to get a VIP experience to watch your team play.

Enjoy regular updates of the premier league on your phone

Subscribe and stand a chance to win a lot goodies.

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