Self Service

1. What is Vodacom TUZO Points Program?

This is a program that allows all our subscribers (Pre-paid / Postpaid / Hybrid) to earn Loyalty points based on their recharges and MPESA transactions (charged).

2. How does a customer earn TUZO points?

Prepaid – These subscribers earn their Tuzo points when they recharge or when they do a charged MPESA transaction.
Hybrid – These subscribers earn their Tuzo points when they recharge their Prepaid Account or when they do a charged MPESA transaction
Postpaid – These subscribers earn their TUZO points when they pay their bills at the end of the month or when they do a charged MPESA transaction

3. How many Tuzo points do I get when I recharge?

TUZO points accumulation is as shown below:
  Recharge Amount (TZS) Points Accumulated
dGSM Recharges 500 50
1,000 100
2,000 200
5,000 500
10,000 1,000

  M-PESA Fees (TZS) Points Accumulated
M-PESA Fees 500 13
1,000 25
2,000 50
5,000 125
10,000 250

4. How do I use my TUZO Points

Customers have the following options to use / redeem their points,
  • a. Redeem by converting the points to own MPESA wallet (5% fee applies)
  • b. Redeem by “Pay by Points” directly via MPESA merchants (5% fee applies) **Customer will dial *149*01#>TUZO>TUZO POINTS>Redeem Points>(Buy bundle/Pay by Points/Convert to M-Pesa)
  • c. Redeem by Purchasing a Bundle.
The following are the packages one can buy using TUZO points:
# Benefits Validity Price (Points)
1 7 mins (On-net) + 20 sms (All-net) 24 HRS 1,725
2 15 mins (On-net) + 20 sms (All-net) 24 HRS 3,450
3 70 MB 24 HRS 3,450
4 200 MB 24 HRS 7,000

5. How do I check my points balance

You can check your balance by dialing *149*01# and select “TUZO” then select TUZO Points

6. How long can I keep my points? Will my points ever expire?

Tuzo points have a validity period of 12 months from the time they were earned. If the points are not used within 12 months, they will be removed from the customer account. On top of this, if a customer is inactive (No GSM outgoing activities) for more than 30 days, he will lose all the points he has accumulated.

7. What is the maximum number of points that a customer can accumulate?

There is no limit on how many points a customer can accumulate. However, if the points are not used within their validity time (12 MONTHS) they will be expired.

8. What if i recharge more than 10,000, how many points do i get?

For every 10.Shillings you recharge, you will receive 1 point.
Eg: Recharging Balance of 12,000 = Tuzo point 1,200
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