Self Service

1.What is My Vodacom App?

Is an App that enables Vodacom customers to have control of their mobile phone/device data, airtime and balance.

2.What are the features of My Vodacom App?

  • Welcome screen showing customer name and number
  • Recharge airtime: enables customers to recharge airtime using scratch voucher or M-Pesa to their numbers or friend’s numbers or any other Vodacom Subscriber.
  • Buy Bundles: enables customers to buy bundles using airtime or M-Pesa to their number or friend’s numbers or any other Vodacom Subscriber.
  • Detailed balances. Customers can view airtime and consolidated bundle balances with an option page of viewing detailed information of each bundle balance
  • Pull down on the home screen: help customers to refresh your balances
  • View your profile: Customer can view your registration details (name & mobile number) and registration status
  • Need help: Enables customers to search for the nearest Vodacom shop or contact customer care via social media, email or call 100.

3.How can I download My Vodacom App?

Customer can download and install My Vodacom App from Google or Apple store depending on the type of device (i.e. Android devices from Google play store and IOS/Apple devices from Apple store.

4. What types of Mobile Phone Operating Systems (OS) supporting My Vodacom App

My Vodacom App is supported by Android (version 5.0 and above) and IOS (version 8.0 and above) mobile phones/devices.

5.How can customer view or know version of mobile phone

For Android (most devices): Go to Settings  About  Version

For IOS: Go to Settings  General  About  Version

6.What happened if a customer with Android below version 5.0 or IOS below version 8.0 try to download My Vodacom App from stores?

Customer will receive a pop-up notification to upgrade mobile phone operating system (OS)

7.What are the procedures for a customer to start using My Vodacom App?

Customer need to download and install the on mobile phone/ device

8.Do I get charged on using My Vodacom App?

My Vodacom App is FREE to Vodacom customers

9.Are all Vodacom customers eligible to use My Vodacom App

Yes, all Vodacom customers are eligible to use the App.

10.Can customer change language of his/her number from My Vodacom App?

Yes, customer can change the SIM card language from the App.

11.What initial troubleshooting steps should customer take if customer faces problem (e.g. hang) on using My Vodacom App

  • Restart your device by turning off the phone for five seconds and then turning it on again, and then launch application again and retest the issue
  • If issue still persist then uninstall the app (iPhone/Android – long press on app icon and follow the next step)
  • Reinstall the app from Play Store (Android users) and Apple Store (iOS users)
  • Launch the app and retest the issue.
  • If user is still having issues then complete information should be taken by assisting staff and should capture below information:
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