Vodacom Volunteers

Pamoja na Vodacom- Employee Engagement, is a program that affords Vodacom employees with volunteering opportunities. Employees engage in different charitable activities close to their hearts every month. They can volunteer time, expertise or make tangible contributions to underprivileged communities implemented every month. Activities range from youth empowerment programs such as mentoring and coaching, provision of health facilities equipment’s, to visiting local orphanages and providing essentials to disadvantaged groups. Our employees have played an important part of this and actively participated in the programs we support donating both time and money to many worthy causes.

Red Alert

Emergency SMS fundraising program that helps Vodacom customers to respond to emergencies and disasters that may strike Tanzania or other parts of the world. The program provides the facility for Vodacom employees and customers in 21 countries to save lives by giving free of charge to appeals via SMS.

Vodacom waives all the charges that are associated with the service, meaning that 100% of the funds raised are channeled to victims through our charity partnerships. In support, Vodacom will either match our customer contributions or make a contribution to the appointed relief agency.

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