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Overview on VodaShule

Most schools in Tanzania still operate under the paper based mechanism, not having centralized school management systems to enable them to manage their administrative and academic operations. Added to this, payments of school fees and other services to schools tend to be time consuming for parents and guardians because most are still done through bank deposits which require parents to visit bank branches and then share deposit slips to schools for payment confirmations.

With this reality, most schools face a wide range of challenges such as inefficient operations, inadequate record management, inconsistent academic histories of students and most importantly inefficient cash collection mechanisms, hindering productivity and academic performance.

To ensure that all these challenges are addressed, Vodacom M-Pesa has introduced VODASHULE to simplify school operations, payments and communications between parents, teachers and other school stakeholders.

What is Vodashule?

Vodashule is a customer centric and user-friendly school management platform introduced by Vodacom in order to help schools ensure smooth operations of key school management aspects, Provide easier way of communication between school administrators, teachers and parents, easing payments from parents to schools and from schools to its stakeholders and improve the overall quality of education management in Tanzania.

This solution helps facilitate and simplify processes that are normally seen as cumbersome, using state of the art technology that gives stakeholders more transparency and control thus ultimately ensuring that the educational process is successful for all parties involved.


Features/Benefits of Vodashule Platform

Benefits to Schools.

Vodashule provides a wide range of benefits to schools by helping them simplify key aspects of the school management ecosystem such as;


The platform enables schools to seamlessly handle an array of academic activities in a simple, secure and instant manner. Schools are able to record all student information including their demographic data, class attendance, examination timetables and results, class programs, syllabus coverage etc. All this information becomes available on a real time basis and the parents can directly access all information about their children through the parent app from the comfort of their homes/offices.


The integrated platform smoothens finance management for schools by digitizing different types of payments to the school and from the school securely. For example, through the integrated M-Pesa payment gateway, parents are able to pay fees and other school contributions directly to the school from all networks and banks with schools getting instant updates of these payments through the platform interface.

The school is also able to make payments to its stakeholders directly from the platform. Payments such as salaries to staff, Payments to school suppliers etc are executed instantly and securely from the Vodashule platform. This enhances the school’s digital financial trail therefore expanding its access to more financial services like credit, insurance etc.


All school operations are integrated in the Vodashule system to empower schools to manage its operations in a more efficient manner. School logistics such as fleet management (of School buses and other assets) are all integrated in the platform giving administrators real time data on location and utilization. GPS tracking, Speed controls as well as risk detection and management are made much more effective through the platform.

Benefits to Parents & Teachers

Given the nature of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, parents do not get enough time to keep up with the daily affairs of their children while in school, The busy lifestyles makes it harder for parents to even be at banks for making school fee payments. With Vodashule parent app, Parents are empowered to make school fee payments anytime anywhere as well as keep up to date with the affairs and performance of their schooling children at their fingertips.

The Vodashule app is also empowering teachers to stay in touch with parents of their respective students and keep in touch with the entire school community (School administrators, other teachers, staff etc.). With this app, the teacher can upload class assignments, test results, communicate meetings with students, upload class attendance reports as well as communicate directly with the parents.

Vodashule App benefits for parents and teachers include:

Each parent’s App is
customized to their child’s performance,
subjects, updates, fee balance etc.
Parents and Teachers can access the app anytime, and make fee payments on Parents and teachers can upload students updates immediately
Available real time records of payments. (the app keeps a digital trail of all payments transactions) Eliminates the need to wait until parent-teacher meetings or end of term meetings for feedback to be shared

The parents and teachers can download the APP by searching ‘VODASHULE’ from the google Play store or Apple store.

Benefits to students

Because of the interconnectedness of information and communication between parents and teachers/schools, the student is empowered to focus more on the core academic activities while the operational matters are being seamlessly handled via the Vodashule app. This in turn, improves the student’s overall academic performance and enjoys a richer school experience.


The Vodashule Dashboard

Vodashule dashboard is the one-stop center for school administrators and stakeholders to get up-to-date reports and status on key aspects of the school ecosystem. The dashboard is customized such that each user will get access to relevant information based on their roles. For example the Headmaster will have a different dashboard from the math teacher who’s dashboard will also be different from the school accountant who’s dashboard will be different from the school warden etc


Service Charges.

The service is free for schools. Vodacom will only charge parents normal transaction fees upon paying school fees and other contributions to your school. All other use-cases on the parent app are also free of charge. Free functionalities in the app include; Review of students’ assignments & test results, Communication with teachers, review of students class attendance reports, receiving updates and information from schools etc).


Registering your school to Vodashule

Any school in Tanzania is welcome to register into Vodashule and reap the benefits of this revolutionary platform. Both private and Public schools from Primary, Secondary schools and higher education can use Vodashule and transform their academic, operational and financial activities in a digital manner. In order to register, all your school needs is to be an accredited school with relevant educational authorities in Tanzania.

Visit VODASHULE PORTAL to register your school through a simple process. After your registration, Vodacom sales team will contact and visit you to finalize your school’s registration then train your staff and teachers on using the platform. The team will also provide the user manual and other supporting materials to help your team easily navigate through the platform. On the other hand, Vodacom will roll out a public campaign to raise awareness of the service as well as educate parents about the benefits and use of the parent app

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