SMS Bundles/ Cheka SMS.

1. What’s SMS bundle?

It is a bundle that offer SMS only for daily/weekly and monthly uses

2. How do I get SMS bundle?

It is easy, dial *149*01# > SMS or dial *149*01# > Cheka + Zogo> Zogo> SMS bundles and select a bundle of your choice.

3. Which customers are able to buy SMS bundles?

SMS bundles is for all Vodacom pure prepaid customers. If you're not sure whether you're a pure prepaid or not, please call 100 Customer Service and you'll find a solution there.

4. Why should I use SMS bundles?

SMS bundles enables you to enjoy unlimited plenty SMS based on the validity of the bundle you have bought.

5. How frequent am I able to buy SMS bundles?

You can buy SMS bundles as much as you want based on your preference.

6. SMS bundles Prices are as follows.

Validity Price SMS
1 day Tsh 500 UNLIMITED SMS
7 days Tsh 1,000 UNLIMITED SMS
30 days Tsh 1,500 UNLIMITED SMS
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