Wazazi Nipendeni

Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Baby: Wazazi Nipendeni


Thousands of pregnant women and their infant babies die before or during delivery due to poor health care services. This occurs because of lack of knowledge on antenatal education, remoteness of health care facilities and unskilled health care attendants. It is estimated that women in Tanzania have a lifetime maternal death risk of 1 in 38, and every year Tanzania sees the deaths of 48,100 newborns, ranking tenth highest in the world.

Providing high-quality antenatal care information during pregnancy to keeping mothers and babies healthy is paramount to reducing maternal and newborn mortality rates in Tanzania. To accomplish this, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation connects women and communities to a Text to Treatment Messaging Service, whereby high quality antenatal care information is transmitted to Vodacom subscribers, FREE of charge to all subscribers; regardless of locale or social economic status. Messages transmitted range from proper nutrition and care, early detection of pregnancy complications, early childhood care information, sent directly to their mobile phones. This is to encourage and make it easier for women and their significant other to seek care and treatment, during and after pregnancy. Equipping men and women with maternal health care information early saves lives of mothers and babies.

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