Frequently asked questions

How do I get my share of the M-Pesa benefit?

Vodacom will send your share of M-Pesa usage benefit directly into your M-Pesa Account. The funds will come from "M-PESA FAIDA" account.

How much will I get?

Your share of M-Pesa usage benefit depends on the total throughput of the Funds that you transact on M-Pesa. This is from all the deposits (at agents or from bank to M-Pesa to benefit from future distributions.

When will I get paid?

Up to August 30th, you will have received your share for this distribution. Usage benefits are distributed quarterly; we will keep you informed on the next distribution.

How do I know my Share of M-Pesa Profit?

To know your share, simply send an SMS with the word AMOUNT or KIASI to 15300. You will receive an instant SMS of the actual amount you will get. Keep using M-Pesa to benefit in next distributions.

Where does this money come from?

Vodacom has trust accounts with the major banks in Tanzania for all the Money deposited into M-Pesa, these accounts receive interest and the Central bank of Tanzania has directed that the interest be distributed to benefit all M-Pesa customers and agents.

Will I get more if I transact more?

Yes, the more you put money into your M-Pesa account and make transactions, the higher your share will be. The quarterly benefits could change based on the return that M-Pesa has secured from the commercial banks.

What can I use this profit for?

This is your money and you are free to use it however you like. You can use it to buy Bundles, Airtime, Pay by M-Pesa for utilities and services, you can transfer it to your family and friends, and you can cash it out or even save it into your M-Pawa account for future use. If you buy bundles through M-Pesa, you will get an additional bundle for FREE.

Do I need to make any enrollment or registrations in order to receive future profits?

No. this benefit is automatically applicable to all m-Pesa customers. All you need to do is to regularly deposit money into your m-Pesa account and use m-Pesa for your daily financial needs.

What if I transacted on M-Pesa before and I am no longer using my M-Pesa account?

If you used M-Pesa up to September,2015 and are no longer using your M-Pesa account. Visit your nearest Vodacom Shop with your ID. The shop teams will verify your recycled M-Pesa number into which your usage benefit will be disbursed.

I am an M-Pesa agent. Do I qualify for this profit?

YES. This benefit is distributed to M-Pesa customers, agents and business partners. The amount that you receive will still depend on your total throughput into M-Pesa up to September30th, 2015.

NOTE: Payments to M-Pesa agents will be done to the Agent’s float accounts.

M-Pesa Agent Withdrawals

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