M-Pesa Faida

What is M-Pesa Usage benefit?

This is distribution that Vodacom is paying to all M-Pesa customers.agents and business partners.

These funds results from the interests earned on the trust accounts that M-Pesa has with Commercial banks for money transacted in M-Pesa.The Central bank of Tanzania(BOT)has directed Vodacom to distribute these earnings to the M-Pesa customers as usage benefits

You share benefits depends on the Total throughput of the Funds that you transact into M-Pesa. This is from all the deposits (at agents or from bank to M-Pesa) and all the transactions you make like Transfer, Payments, Airtime purchases etc. Keep using M-Pesa to benefit more from future distributions.

This is the second set of disbursement, which covers all the customers that have used M-Pesa from October, 2014 to September, 2015. The first disbursement of Tsh. 20 Billion benefited customers who used M-Pesa from launch up to September 30th, 2014. After this (second) disbursement, Vodacom will be keep issuing such disbursements every Quarter (3 months).

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