Roaming with your Vodacom SIM Card while travelling abroad will ensure you are always reachable even if you are thousands of miles away from home. Our goal at Vodacom is to make your roaming experience more pleasurable. That is why we have put together these fingertips to guide you with all the information you need while roaming.

1.What is International Roaming ?

Roaming" denotes the use of a communication device or even the use of a subscriber identity in a different network (visited network) rather than one's home network. This requires the operators of both these networks to have reached a roaming agreement and switched the necessary signaling and data connections between their networks. Roaming comes into play when cell phones are used across national boundaries

2. which serviecs are offered when roaming

Vodacom offers you all services while roaming that is you will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive sms and yet browsing your social media, what you need is to subsribe only …!

3.How do I subscribe to Roaming ?

You will be only able to subscribe to roaming when you are out side Tanzania, and this will depend on your Vodacom SIM Card either Prepaid/ Private SIM Card or Postpaid/ Business SIM Card, please confirm before departing

4. How do I subscribe to Roaming as Prepaid/ Private Customer ?

5.How do I subscribe to Roaming as Postpaid/ Business Customer ?

Postpaid customers need to call the Call Centre or visit any of our retail shops; you can also contact your account manager for activation.

6.How can I ensure that I am connected to overseas network when roaming?

When roaming, your mobile phone will search for the strongest signal in that area to be connected. However, in cases where you are not automatically connected to the overseas network, you could do a manual selection of the overseas network on your mobile phone and this depends on your device. (Check your mobile phone user guide for more help)

7.How do I know if my Phone has logged onto a foreign network?

Your phone will display foreign network name if it has logged onto one. The display will vary from phone to phone.

8.I have subscribed to roaming, why cant I get any roaming service?

The network coverage in that area may be weak, try moving to another area where it gives you a stronger signal. Alternatively, try manual scanning or please contact our roaming support number +225754700 000 or call 100,

9.what are the charges of Vodacom Roaming services?

Vodacom Roaming charges are found in our websites www.vodacom.co.tz ………………………………

10.Can I subscribe to Roaming bundles ?

Yes, you can subscribe to roaming bundles while you are still in Tanzania or when you are already overseas, this depends on your preference and usage for big bundles (More Data, Mins & SMS) please go to RED ROAMING BUNDLES otherwise find Africa-Travel or Vodacom/Vodafone bundles . For more information about Vodacom Roaming Bundles please look at our : menu *149*01# >>International and Roaming> >Roaming or *149*71#>> roaming , Website www.vodacom.co.tz.......... and our app My Vodacom App.

11.Where can I get Support while roaming?

while you are in overseas/ out of Tanzania you can still get support form Vodacom Call Centre by dialling +225754700 000 or call 100 and by contacting your Account manager by Postpaid customer.

Roaming Abroad

We know that you like staying connected regardless of what art of the earth you are in. That is why we have designed this service that enables you to make and receive calls as you traverse the world. Explore our roaming rates to find out how you can continue using your Vodacom line uninterrupted worldwide.

1.How To Activate Roaming

Before you travel ensure that roaming is activated on your line by simply dialling 100 for free or visit any Vodacom shop. You will then be assisted to activate your line.

2. How to make calls and send SMS while roaming overseas

You can call any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialling the relevant area code and number.

To call home (Tanzania): Dial + 255 followed by the desired number, e.g., for Vodacom mobile, dial +255 75x xxxxxx, and for landline, dial +255 xx xxxxxx.

To call other countries, simply dial + country code, area code, number, e.g., to call UK, dial + 4477 xxxxxxxxx.

To send SMS to Tanzania or to an international number, type your message and send to the number as above.

3.How to control cost on Roaming

To get maximum benefit from Vodacom Tanzania Roaming services at a cost you are comfortable with, please select the links below to check your plan

link to Roaming bundles

link to Roaming tariffs

4. Support when Abroad

For any Support when abroad please contact our Call Centre number +255 754700 000 or 100 or write your enquire in our social media Accounts Facebook "Vodacom Tanzania" and Instagram " Vodacom Tanzania"

Roaming Hints and tips

If on PrePay, take extra scratch cards with you for easy airtime top-up/recharge anytime.

Don’t forget to pack your mobile phone charger and a travel plug adaptor.

Write down your Voicemail password so that you can access your messages while away.

Remember you could dial 112 for Emergency Services from any destination for FREE.

International Calling

Stay connected with family and friends who are abroad. Explore more our international calling bundles, rates and international SMS rates to plan your interest.

link to International calling bundles

link to international Calling tariffs

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