1.What is WAP portal?

Vodacom live! A treasure trove portal of mobile entertainment with gives more digital experience. You can download music, videos, unlimited games, breaking news, watch mobile TV and so much more…

Available to all Vodacom customers, you can access Vodafone live directly from your cellphone – and browsing is FREE!

2.How do I access this service?

The service can be accessed via any data or internet enabled phone by visiting live.vodacom.co.tz.

3.What services are available?

Service available are:
  • Music
  • Caller Tunes
  • Wallpapers
  • Games
  • SMS Breaking News
  • News

4.What is breaking news?

Vodacom customers get breaking news from around the world via SMS.This service is offered by Vodacom through Vodacom live in partnership with various news content partners.

Subscription to this service is free. Customers will be charged on daily basis.

5.How do customers subscribe and unsubscribe from this service?

To subscribe;

Mwananchi HABARI 15569 Tsh 150
Global Sports SPORTS 15599 Tsh 100
Global News GLOBAL 15599 Tsh 100

6.How do customers unsubscribe from this service?

There are 2 ways customers can be deactivated from this service:

By using keywords

To unsubscribe ;

Mwananchi STOP/ONDOA HABARI 15569
Global Sports STOP/ONDOA SPORTS 15599
Global News STOP/ONDOA 15599

7.How much does it cost to browse the portal?

Normal data charges apply.

8.Are there any other charges apart from those in question 4?

If the service you have purchased involve downloading then normal data charges are applicable.

9.Can I search the content that I want?

Yes, you can search for any content that you need. You have to click on the magnifying glass on top of the page. You will get a text box where you can enter the text and search for the required content.

10.What is Instant Messaging?

This is a service, where you can send a message to other Vodacom users or friends without paying an SMS charges, but charges are applicable as per your data plan.

11. I am getting an error like “Kindly access this page with proper Vodacom GPRS Settings” What does this mean?

It means you are trying to access m.vodacom.co.tz via Wi-Fi or on other telecom network. Access the WAP portal using the proper Vodacom WAP Settings.

12.Will I pay more than one time when I download a song that I have already purchased?

No, there will be no double charges for the song you have already purchased.

13.Which pages are not charging?

The instant messaging, my account, help, about us and home page.

14.Am I going to get charged to open other pages on the portal?

Yes. Normal internet charges on bundle or out of the bundle applies.
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